How can the digital sector support the Jersey Employment Trust?

Posted: 23/03/2022

The Jersey Employment Trust is a registered charity that helps people who have a disability or long-term health condition secure and sustain employment. Here at Digital Jersey, we selected the Jersey Employment Trust as our charity of choice for the 4th annual Jersey TechAwards; by doing so, we are hoping to raise of awareness of how digital businesses can provide support.

The Jersey Employment Trust has seen a growing demand for their services and has evolved to support clients with a wide range of disabilities, mental health conditions and long-term health conditions. Client success is at the heart of everything the Jersey Employment Trust do; however, this success wouldn’t be possible without the support of local businesses who provide a diverse range of opportunities. By building strong relationships with employers in the Island, they can provide a bespoke job-matching service.

Digital Jersey have devised a scheme to help the Jersey Employment Trust connect to and secure opportunities with digital businesses – an industry they feel hasn’t fully opened to them yet.

Employer Engagement Manager Dean Lowe said:

“We are seeing more demand for IT roles from our clients, but we have difficulty finding the work and training opportunities in what can be quite a niche market.

In order to decide what area they want to specialise in, some clients need a taster in different areas, whether that is switchboard, web design or coding. It’s a competitive market and you rarely see these jobs advertised. On top of that, a candidate has a disability, making it tough for our clients to get a foothold to demonstrate their abilities.

We are particularly looking for opportunities in digital because it’s what our clients want and yet it’s a sector that hasn’t fully opened to us yet. We have strong and valued links in retail, hospitality, finance, and leisure, and we would now like to replicate that in the digital sector.”

How can your digital business support the Jersey Employment Trust?
Digital Jersey are supporting the Jersey Employment Trust by connecting them with members and other stakeholders who can provide support by offering work experience and/or internships, or if this is not possible, arranging career guidance meetings which are just as valuable. We are helping the Employment Coordinators and their clients to identify businesses they may be interested in working for, then making introductions. Each client has different needs and career aspirations, so the scheme is very bespoke and only relevant clients are introduced to businesses.

If your digital business can provide support and you wish to be contacted regarding clients who would be interested in work experience, an internship, or gaining valuable career guidance, please contact Hayley Routier, Digital Jersey’s Member and Stakeholder Engagement Manager.

Hayley Routier said:

“The Jersey Employment Trust provides such an important service to hundreds of individuals each year and I am delighted to be working closely with Dean and the rest of the team to help their clients connect with our members and other stakeholders. When I was first introduced to the Jersey Employment Trust, it quickly became clear that they really needed Digital Jersey’s support and I set about devising a scheme which would break the barrier and make a positive difference.” 

Dean Lowe added:

“This is an untapped workforce, and yet there are some really talented individuals. What we want to see from members of Digital Jersey is opening the dialogue so that you think of us when you are recruiting or if you need help with job retention. Know what we do so that when you do have an opportunity, you know where to come. We job-match very specifically and pride ourselves on getting the right fit.

There are many other ways that you may be able to support us, or we may be able to help you. All we’d like to say is let’s open doors and have a chat and a coffee.”

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