How JTC Transformed Fund Administration with Puritas

Posted: 28/02/2024

In the pursuit of seamless fund administration, In 2017 JTC Group sought a change to their outsourced TA Service model.

JTC, a leading provider of private client and corporate services, has successfully transformed its fund administration operations through a strategic partnership with Puritas, a global provider of technology solutions for the investment management industry. This collaboration has empowered JTC to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, scalability, and regulatory compliance, ultimately allowing them to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Addressing Challenges

Prior to partnering with Puritas, JTC faced several growing challenges, including:

  • Outsourced Service Concerns – A previous attempt at outsourcing fund administration resulted in unsatisfactory service delivery.
  • Scalability Limitations – JTC’s rapid business growth demanded a platform capable of handling increasing operational complexity.
  • Regulatory Burden – Navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape required a solution that could adapt to changing compliance requirements.
  • Global Expansion Needs – JTC’s international network necessitated a platform with robust capabilities and local expertise to ensure seamless service delivery across its global footprint.

The Puritas Solution

JTC partnered with Puritas to leverage their industry-leading suite of solutions:

  • PureFunds – This powerful platform provided JTC with the flexibility and scalability they needed to manage their fund operations in-house. Its customisable workflows and automation features streamlined processes, freeing up resources and improving efficiency.
  • PureClient – A secure and reliable data repository enabled JTC to efficiently manage both client and entity data, including CDD documents, fostering transparency and enhancing the client experience.

Beyond Software – A Collaborative Partnership

The partnership extended beyond software implementation:

  • Collaborative Development – Puritas worked closely with JTC to tailor PureFunds and PureClient to meet their specific needs and regulatory requirements, ensuring optimal system fit.
  • Continuous Improvement – Both parties collaborate to continuously evolve the platforms, catering to JTC’s growing business and adapting to market trends.
  • Global Reach – Puritas’ international presence aligns with JTC’s global footprint, offering on-the-ground support and expertise wherever needed.

Transformative Results

JTC has witnessed significant benefits since implementing the Puritas solutions:

  • Enhanced Efficiency – Automated workflows and a user-friendly interface have resulted in notable efficiency gains, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives. “Everything is so much more simple,” said Martin Palacio, Senior Fund Manager at JTC. “We can get reporting out as and when we like it.”
  • Achieved Scalability – PureFunds seamlessly handles JTC’s growing business volume and complex fund structures, enabling them to adapt to their evolving needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance – With Puritas’ expertise, JTC stays compliant with the latest regulations, mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind.
  • Improved Client Experience – The PureClient portal empowers JTC to provide their clients with a first-rate experience, enhanced transparency, and real-time information access.

To learn more about the transformative partnership between JTC and Puritas, watch the complete case study video featuring insights from JTC representatives here.

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