How Virteffic promotes a good life-work balance

Posted: 21/10/2022

I am certain that the image above will resonate with many working parents.
Another email lands into your inbox from school reminding you of key term dates for your diary, the washing basket is overflowing and you are dragging ‘han-gry’ children around the supermarket for the weekly food shop having done a full day’s work in the office!

Life as a working parent is a constant juggle with ‘to-do’ lists as long as your arm for both family life and work life. Rarely being able to cross anything off from these ‘to-do’ lists, leads to a feeling of overwhelm, stress and discontent. The work-life balance? You question does this actually exist?!

Having almost completed my first year working at Virteffic Limited I can reflect on the positive impact this has had on me and my family.

No more set working hours! Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm no longer exists for me. Working for Virteffic Limited you work when and where you want. Working when it is convenient for you.

From my first day at Virteffic Limited, it excited me that I would not longer have to drag the ‘han-gry’ children around the supermarket.

With no set working hours I can do the food shop whilst they are at school!

No more morning commute! Working from home or from a location of choice for me is priceless. There is not (as much) stress in the morning to get us all out of the door on time. A relaxed mum for the morning routine certainly translates to the children and we all start the day in a much more positive way.

School holidays. No sooner as they are back at school after the six to seven weeks of summer holidays!! It’s time for another half-term.

My annual holiday allowance was precious! Stretching it out to cover the school holidays whilst maintaining a balance with days in the bank in case the children were sick or there was a school sports day or open day to attend.

The race to get holiday requests approved before my colleague who also has school-age children did!

Splitting the school holidays with my husband to ensure cover at the sacrifice of having time off altogether as a family.

Not to mention the labyrinth of finding a school holiday club to fit around my working day, in a convenient location, that does not cost a fortune and that the children are happy to go to! Does this even exist?!

Having the flexibility to work when and where is convenient for me since starting with Virteffic Limited, has made the stresses of managing my holiday allowance a distant memory.

I’ve been able to use holiday clubs that previously I would not have been able to due to my working hours.

I’ve attended school events without rushing to and from the office.
The children have enjoyed ‘chilled’ days at home whilst I have been working from home.

Being at home the majority of the time, we also decided to adopt a rescue puppy. Something we could not have considered previously due to being out of the house all day. This has to be one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. He is a great company for me and our existing dog and they provide great cuddle breaks!

Founder and Managing Director Terése (Tess) Price, has commented that she can tell when all the ‘Virteffic’ children are in bed as she sees a flurry of activity from the ‘Teams chats’ and email traffic! The whole concept works well as the work is not time sensitive, and the only requirement is to meet the deadlines – when the work is done is not important.

What do my colleagues at Virteffic Limited have to say?

“Flexibility was the most important factor for me when returning to work. With Virteffic I can build my working day around my children, I can help on a school trip, look after my children if they are poorly, or even enjoy some me time whilst they are at school! Virteffic offers true flexibility, we manage our working hours on our own terms. To me that is priceless!” – Gemma Foulds ACG, Senior Virtual Assistant, and mother of two.

“Being a Mum of two young boys whilst still maintaining a career has resulted in me spending the last 10 years rushing around and never having enough hours in the day. Any parent knows that children are so very rewarding, but they are also the most demanding 24/7 job most of us ever have! Trying to work that into a traditional office role where I am required to be in the office around a set structured day was unsustainable and exhausting. Having the opportunity to build a role to fit around my lifestyle and responsibilities has been pivotal in allowing me to find a much more attainable work/life balance” – Helena Mallet, Senior Virtual Assistant, and mother of two.

I may still have a pretty lengthy ‘to-do’ list and a full washing basket (#mumlife) however I am pleased to report that I have 100% found a better work-life balance working for Virteffic Limited.

We are always interested to connect with ambitious, self-motivated, organised individuals with positive attitudes. You can visit our website to find out more about Virteffic. Get in touch if you want to catch up for a coffee to discuss opportunities to join our team and work with us. Claudette Taylor, mother of two. Senior Virtual Assistant, Virteffic Limited.

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