Hundreds attend cutting-edge virtual reality art event in Jersey

Posted: 29/09/2017

450 Islanders attended FLUX ZERO, a pop-up exhibition that combined art with cutting-edge virtual reality (VR), which took place all day at Liberty Wh...

450 Islanders attended FLUX ZERO, a pop-up exhibition that combined art with cutting-edge virtual reality (VR), which took place all day at Liberty Wharf on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Attendees were invited to wear a VR headset to explore 3D environments created by 10 local artists who adopted VR as an art medium for the first time to demonstrate the potential of VR when combined with an art concept. The VR exhibits were accompanied by real-world artworks including 3D printed models and aluminium prints. This ‘mixed reality’ element allowed attendees of all ages to enjoy an immersive, multi-sensory experience without any prior knowledge of art and technology.

FLUX ZERO was made possible through collaboration between members of the local digital and art industries. The concept was created by FLUX, a new partnership formed by digital start-up companies, Virtual Reality Jersey and The event was supported by Digital Jersey and ArtHouse Jersey.

Tim McGuiness, Co-Founder of FLUX, commented:

“As our very first FLUX event, we were overwhelmed with the response to FLUX ZERO. We were absolutely thrilled to showcase the possibilities of VR and art to staggering 450 people throughout the day. We’d like to thank all the sponsors, artists and friends who made this exhibition possible. We can’t wait to unveil details of our next event!”

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey, commented:

“VR is one technology which stands to make a substantial impact across many industries. FLUX has demonstrated how VR can unlock new platforms to creatives, and shown how consumers can now become completely immersed in digitally-created environments. I look forward to following FLUX and seeing what the future holds for VR art.”

Tom Dingle, Director of ArtHouse Jersey, commented:

“ArtHouse Jersey was delighted to support this innovative and enterprising event. The event brilliantly illustrated the potential of when technology meets art and certainly seemed to be a hit with everyone who came. Huge congratulations to all involved!”

Joan Alford, Ecosystem Manager at Barclays Eagle Labs, Jersey Library, commented:

“Barclays Eagle Labs at Jersey Library were so excited to be part of this project. Utilising our laser-cutter and 3D printers to make tangible products from the VR artwork was incredible. It was great to support local artists and entrepreneurs and see artwork come to life.”

Nicholas Romeril, local and international artist, commented:

“It was a real surprise to see cutting-edge digital art being created and shown in Jersey. FLUX ZERO was an amazing collaboration between creative artists and technologists. It reminded me of some of the small exhibitions I’ve visited in London, in big museums as well as independent pop-up venues. The potential for this way of working and creating exciting visual stimulus must be the way forward. Being a traditional painter and sculptor, I can still see the exciting potential to engage an audience in an immersive VR experience. I can also imagine creating some VR artwork of one of my own landscapes so that they can be explored fully.”

Cloe Freeman, Founder of The Jersey Art Review, commented:

“It’s incredibly promising to see people promoting art and its multi-disciplinary nature. It is also reassuring to know that there are artists in Jersey who aim to challenge the local art scene and bring it into the 21st century. I’m excited to see what opportunities FLUX offers next for both artists and art viewers. This was unique experience to be had all-round.”

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