International Customers Are Key to Batelco As More Islanders Choose Sure

Posted: 07/08/2015

The latest half-year results released by Batelco show that more islanders are choosing Sure as the firm increased its subscriber base across all servi...

The latest half-year results released by Batelco show that more islanders are choosing Sure as the firm increased its subscriber base across all service lines in the islands.

The year-on-year figures at the end of Q2 for Sure in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man (Sure CIIM) show the number of subscribers growing by 14% in broadband, 3% in mobile and 2% in fixed line services (competition was introduced into the landline market after the end of this reporting period).

Sure’s strong performance helped Batelco’s overseas operations increase their contribution to the group’s results by 2% to 59% of revenues.

Overall, Batelco’s net profits increased by 11% year-on-year to USD$72.9m, which Batelco Chairman, Shaikh Hamad bin Abdulla Al Khalifa explained was a result of, “The Group’s efforts to improve competitiveness across all operations by leveraging on the Group’s combined technical capabilities.”

“We continue to operate smartly through synergizing Group efforts. Accordingly, our operations outside of Bahrain continue to generate over half of our revenues and profits.

Speaking about Sure CIIM, Batelco Group A/Chief Executive Ihab Hinnawi highlighted the firm’s network investment as playing a key role in continually improving the customer experience.

“During the period, Sure CIIM completed a successful rollout of its new 4G network across the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey, bringing much improved performance over the previous network.”

Graham Hughes, Chief Executive of Sure in Jersey is particularly pleased with the continued growth in subscriber numbers.

“The Channel Islands is a very competitive market place which makes the fact that increasing numbers of islanders are choosing Sure, even more pleasing.

“Our constant work to continually improve the experience for our customers and our investment in new mobile networks have proven attractive to islanders who, at a time of uncertainty in the marketplace and with the opening up of the landline market, are looking for an operator who can offer stability and customer focus.

“Although the islands form a small part of the Batelco Group, we continue to contribute excellent results and benefit enormously ourselves from the ability to share expertise and learn from other Group companies.”

As well as acknowledging Sure’s success in the islands, Mr Hinnawi also commented on the benefits that come through working together as a group.

“Innovation in our approach to serving customers is key to our strategy and we will continue to focus on improving the products and services we provide in all markets of operation. By pooling of Group resources, technologies and expertise where possible, we aim to further enhance competitiveness and performance across our network of operations.”

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