Introducing: SharesInside

Posted: 09/01/2019

Recent studies suggest that less than 3% of investors currently trust brokers or third-party organisations with their money. 

Improving the exchange of information between companies and shareholders alike is a key challenge today in an era of so many, often conflicting information channels, trust and validity become increasingly valuable commodities. In response to this, something exciting has been happening in the world of market communications.

While website usage has decreased dramatically over the last two years, smartphone and multimedia usage has taken a quantum leap, as users of mobile tech are spending 89% of their time via apps, logical progression has led companies to embrace financial technology – a trend that is helping generate several innovative cost and time-saving ideas.

One of these is SharesInside, a niche fintech solution founded in Switzerland in 2016 offering investors convenient access to accurate information regarding their investments. Guaranteed to be free from any manipulation or screening, a global directory of investment opportunities available conveniently on your handset whenever or wherever you need reliable information- free of charge.

SharesInside has chosen Jersey as the place to set up HQ and continue maintenance of their systems as the compact team work to meet global demand and develop new services to compliment the existing platform. Access to the UK market and a great business environment balanced with quality of life has been a defining factor in the decision to relocate headquarters to the beautiful island of Jersey.

In the face of market moving events such as Brexit, global sanctions and regulatory change it is important trust and faith be restored in the financial sector. This is made possible by effective communication and a focus on improving relationships. Something SharesInside is delighted to offer from the beachside offices of St Helier.

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