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Jersey Consumer Council Launches Website to Create Greater Transparency in the Island’s Telecoms Market

Posted: Wednesday 27 January 2016

Fibre broadband; mobile packages; fixed line bundles; download limits; 4G; smart phones; pay as you go; fixed contracts; roaming…… All this jarg…

Fibre broadband; mobile packages; fixed line bundles; download limits; 4G; smart phones; pay as you go; fixed contracts; roaming…… All this jargon would have meant nothing to us only a few years ago and yet now, most of our everyday communications revolve around these concepts. But do we REALLY understand what they mean and are we getting the best deal for our individual needs, from our local telecommunications companies?

In a bid to improve transparency and help Islanders make informed choices about how and where they best spend their telecommunications budget, this week (Thursday 28th January) consumer champion, Jersey Consumer Council, is launching an interactive website called TelCoWatch (  This new website is designed to help Islanders select the best fit for their mobile, landline and broadband service needs.



Chair of Jersey Consumer Council, Rose Colley explains:  “Everyone is touched by technology these days – more than 90% of adults now have access to the internet in Jersey*.  And the way in which we communicate with one another has altered beyond all recognition.  As our reliance on the ever-evolving world of telecommunications grows, even the most technically minded among us can become totally befuddled with the options of products and pricing structures offered to us by the telecoms providers on the Island.


TelCoWatch has been designed to give local consumers a one-stop information site, which cuts through the jargon and lays out the product offerings and cost structures available from the Island’s providers.  This will enable users to enjoy a greater understanding of the entire market place and make a genuinely informed choice as to which telecoms provider, product and contract, best fits their personal needs.


TelCoWatch has been created in conjunction with student developers from the Digital Jersey Coding Programme and has the support of the Island’s main telecommunications providers:- Airtel-Vodafone; JT; Sure and HomeNet. The website is populated with information submitted directly from the providers themselves, who have made a commitment to keep the materials up-to-date.


“We would like to invite anyone interested in finding out more about this exciting initiative, to join us at the TelCoWatch launch on Thursday 28th January, from 17:30 – 19:30 at the Digital Jersey Hub, the Forum in Grenville Street, St Helier .”


*Jersey Annual Social Survey 2014


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