Posted: 15/09/2021

Jersey has the fastest broadband speeds in the world, cementing the Island’s growing reputation as a digital front-runner. The figures were released on the same day that BBC World Service Digital Planet broadcast an entire programme dedicated to ‘Tech on the Island of Jersey’. Since 2018, every premises on the Island has had access to full-fibre gigabit broadband, helping to make Jersey the most well-connected jurisdiction on the planet.

Telecoms company Cable, partnered with internet performance researchers M-Lab to produce the Worldwide broadband speed league 2021* which shows Jersey as number one of 224 countries, with an average speed of 274.27 Mbps, that’s 30% faster than its nearest rival. By comparison, the UK came in 43rd with 51.48Mbps, and among the other Crown Dependencies, the Isle of Man came 42nd with 52.10Mbps, and Guernsey was 71st, with 31.20Mbps.

Digital Jersey CEO, Tony Moretta commented:

“This is further proof of our Island’s growing global digital reputation. We are in an enviable position of being one of the most attractive destinations in the world with enquiries for digital relocations on the rise. Our combination of world-beating connectivity, with an excellent lifestyle, and a culture of agile innovation, makes Jersey a fantastic place to develop, test and launch digital products and services. Combined with a globally recognised finance industry, and the skills which service that industry, it is no surprise that we are seeing the Fintech sector here growing rapidly.”

Telecoms company JT invested in the full-fibre broadband network, making Jersey the first jurisdiction in the world to make pure fibre available to every broadband user. The Island also has three separate 4G networks and three dedicated Internet of Things networks. It has positioned the Island as a progressive place to do business, while also enabling local companies and Islanders to fully participate in a digital world. International brand names now use Jersey as a sandbox testing site due to its small, fully contained space, the willingness to assist innovation by regulators and government, and of course its world-leading connectivity.

FYI: Downloading an HD movie of 5GB would take 2 minutes 29 seconds in first placed Jersey, compared to 22 hours and 4 minutes in the last placed Turkmenistan.



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