Jersey's Chance to be a Global Destination for Innovation

Posted: 17/04/2019

“It’s the complete package.”

That was the resounding response from those who’ve been in touch with me in the past few weeks since the official launch of Sandbox Jersey at TechUK in London.

The complete package of world-class infrastructure including our fibre network to every home in the island. The complete package of a well-regulated environment where Digital Jersey can facilitate easy access to all the key people, whether at business level or in government. The complete package when it comes to proof of concept, that entrepreneurs and established players are choosing Jersey to develop their next product or service.

And that complete package we offer is topped off with a work-life balance that means ending the day (or even starting the day) on the beach can happily be a part of anybody’s routine, should they wish.

We chose TechUK as the launch location to tell the country’s tech sector about Sandbox Jersey for myriad reasons. We’re a TechUK member ourselves. We had the chance to tap into their membership base. And it’s a location in the city used by people from across the country when they’re in the capital as a hub to do their work. Much like people do in Jersey at the Digital Jersey Hub.

Our launch, to showcase our unique testbed proposition, featured Graeme Millar from JT Global who was able to – rightly – wax lyrical about the infrastructure that exists on-island. Austin Gibbs was there to talk about his work in Jersey exploring the possibilities of virtual reality to transform healthcare. And our very own CEO Tony Moretta was cheerleading Digital Jersey’s work, and giving the premiere to a new video which brilliantly captures our Sandbox Jersey proposition. You can watch it here.

So what happens next?

Well, the two hour event was followed by more than an hour of those attending speaking to us on a one-to-one basis to find out more. And, since then, my inbox has received a steady stream of emails from people wanting to take things to the next stage.

Some are startups, some are wanting to fund the next big thing, others are established businesses considering a relocation or expansion to Jersey. The fruits of our labours could happen in weeks, months or years. Most likely it’ll be all of those timeframes.

And that’s why, now we’ve made our pitch, it’s incumbent on the whole tech sector to play its part. If we come knocking to connect you with these people, whether at a business, regulatory or government level, do know you’re helping make Jersey a global destination for innovation.

In turn, that’s feeding our economy through businesses developing and growing, through expansion leading to local employment, and through these specialists transferring their knowledge, feeding into our own ambition to upskill the island’s workforce.

Two hours in London is just the beginning. But our chance to prove we’re the complete package is here.


Watch the highlights from the event below.


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