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Jersey’s Digital Health sector to benefit from expert advice

Posted: Monday 5 February 2018

Digital Jersey has appointed Andrew Frith as Digital Health Special Adviser, to help develop the sector in the island. Andrew, a seasoned information …

Digital Jersey has appointed Andrew Frith as Digital Health Special Adviser, to help develop the sector in the island. Andrew, a seasoned information and technology professional in the health and social care sector, was fundamental to the development of the island’s Digital Health Strategy.

The strategy was launched in conjunction with Digital Jersey and Jersey’s Health and Social Services Department, last January (2017). It has provided a road map for the various stakeholders in the island and one year on, Digital Jersey CEO, Tony Moretta, said it’s time to move on to the next level:

 “It is excellent news that Andrew has agreed to become a Special Adviser. He did a fantastic job helping us develop the Digital Health & Care Strategy here, but it’s his reputation and connections within the health – and digital health – ecosystem here, in the UK and elsewhere, which will help us develop Jersey as a testbed in the health arena and market it to companies around the world.”

Jersey’s growing digital health sector comes from local interests in solutions to the global challenges of an ageing western demographic and its accompanying medical conditions. Jersey’s strengths are an integrated health and social care service, a co-payment system that enables outcome (behavioural & revenue) experimentation and local autonomy to experiment with new technologies. The industry also benefits from synergies with Fintech. There are now a multitude of projects taking place in the island.

Andrew Frith has spent 30 years in information and technology solutions, across a variety of different industries. A considerable part of his career has been working with public bodies and government agencies in the NHS, social care, education and local authority space.

Andrew is also a former director for the UK’s national Health and Social Care Informatics agency and is looking forward to continuing his work in Jersey, “Through my work with Digital Jersey and Jersey Health and Social Care Department I’ve seen first-hand the facets of Jersey which make it a genuinely unique place in which game-changing technological innovation can be cultivated. I hope I can bring my practical problem-solving experience to bear to help Digital Jersey deliver its ambitions for the island, and I look forward to working once again with a great team that is focused on doing rather than talking.”

For an update on the digital health sector watch Jason Turner’s update (Deputy Chief Executive at the Health and Social Services Department) from the  Digital Jersey Annual Review event on 26th January:

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