Jersey’s Future Health Summit - Summary & Video

Posted: 11/10/2017

It was great to see such a fantastic turnout for Jersey’s first ever Future Health Summit. The summit came about as a direct result of the work we h...

It was great to see such a fantastic turnout for Jersey’s first ever Future Health Summit. The summit came about as a direct result of the work we have been doing since January, when Digital Jersey and the Health and Social Services Department published its first ever Digital Health Strategy – a piece of work we are very proud of! This was the culmination of a project involving government, the digital sector and health practitioners from all areas, in which we set out the Island’s ambitions and approach to digitising the Island’s health and care system by 2025. This strategy sets out a vision for Jersey to have a digitally world class health and care system that uses technology everywhere to improve all aspects of care, and be an Island where innovation in integrated health care flourishes.

We talked about the good progress that is being made – since the launch Digital Jersey has been working with HSSD to help drive Primary & Secondary care integration in the sector whilst holding discussions around the establishment of an ‘innovation hub’ within the hospital.The development of this innovation hub will not only help deliver Digital Jersey’s goals of growing the local digital health economy, but in tandem with the Island’s world-class connectivity (gigabit to the home will be completed in Q1 2018) will help create a ‘sandbox’ which sees Jersey as a fantastic place for organisations to come and test innovation in a secure, ring-fenced location.

It is extremely important to learn from the experiences of others along the way so we were delighted to welcome three of the UK’s leading pioneers in integrated health technology to our summit. They provided fantastic insights into how they have encouraged digital transformation in their own work. Some of their key points included:

1. Data saves lives, so we have a duty to share, not just a duty to care

2. Innovation cannot thrive in a closed system – an open platform that allows sharing is key

3. When implementing health technology the project is never ‘done’

4. Technology is changing so fast that long term plans are futile – creating flexibility for agility and change is the key

5. The investment Jersey has made to have fibre in every home means we will have opportunities to innovate in health technology that few places in the world have

6. With only 100k people, Jersey could easily introduce a consent model for care records, which would uniquely position us to become the world’s first totally connected health community

7. Remembering the patient and involving them in our digital health journey is what will make it successful – change needs to be led from the bottom up, not top down

8. The new hospital is a unique opportunity to change how we use technology for health

9. Jersey has the potential to be a testbed for new innovations in health that can help the rest of the world

10. We need to remember the vision is better health and care for everyone – the technology is just the tool

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the summit yourself below you can view the video footage from the event…

Dr Amir Mehrkar – the NHS Digital clinical lead for Integrated Care supporting the Paperless 2020 vision on the ‘Robin Hood principle of data sharing’. – View presentation 

Andy Kinnear – referred to as a ‘Rock Star CIO’ – an NHS Chief Information Officer & BCS Chair of Health & Social Care, with an outstanding delivery record of leading major organisational and technology enabled change programmes – View presentation

Adrian Byrne – the Director of Informatics at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust with 15 years’ experience in building an Electronic Patient Record strategically and through evolution, aiming for a single sign on to a common user experience. – View presentation

Panel DiscussionView here 

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