JT Group Drives Global Expansion with Advanced Fraud Detection Technology

Posted: 02/05/2024

Following the acquisition of Spectrum Message services earlier this year, JT Group is rapidly expanding its reach across the Americas.

Following the acquisition of Spectrum Message services earlier this year, JT Group is rapidly expanding its reach across the Americas in response to overwhelming demand. This expansion highlights JT’s commitment to combating financial crime with innovative mobile intelligence solutions and marks the introduction of their latest fraud prevention product, MoneyGuard, to new markets, reinforcing its role as a leader in financial security.

Washington based, Andreas Suma, is leading this expansion in North and Latin America. He brings over two decades of experience in developing growth strategies for top firms in the fraud prevention domain as well as significant experience in payments and digital channels across the hemisphere, including ACI Worldwide, FICO, and Clickatell. His expertise is crucial in tailoring MoneyGuard to meet the specific challenges of the American markets.

According to recent statistics, incidents of fraud involving payment platforms continue to see notable increases, with consumers reporting a 50% rise in fraudulent activities last year alone. This trend is predicted to continue, driven by evolving fraud threats and the increasing adoption of real time payments. MoneyGuard tackles this challenge head-on by integrating sophisticated mobile intelligence and customer engagement capabilities into everyday financial transactions, enhancing fraud detection and prevention in real-time. MoneyGuard currently protects over 130 million customer accounts globally and supports comprehensive communication via SMS, WhatsApp, mobile app push notifications, email, and voice, keeping customers informed through convenient, cost-effective, and preferred channels.

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer, JT Group, said, “Our expansion into the US is driven by the urgent need for cutting-edge, accessible technology that secures consumers’ finances against increasingly sophisticated threats. MoneyGuard represents the pinnacle of our innovative efforts, blending real-time fraud detection with mobile intelligence solutions to provide a steadfast defence for consumers.”

Andreas Suma, Managing Director, JT Mobile Intelligence added, “The proven MoneyGuard solution is an ideal fit for the US market as consumers increasingly adopt real-time payments. Increasing usage of alternative payments and wallets, including the impending entry of FedNow standards, will accelerate this shift. Capabilities such as MoneyGuard allow better protections to consumers and greatly minimize friction with consumers engaged through traditional channels while notably reducing operational costs.”

With ongoing plans to expand its Mobile Intelligence solutions, JT is committed to ensuring that businesses and their customers can rely on their transactions being safeguarded by the most advanced systems available.

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