JT Group Launches Game-Changing IoT Solution for Network Optimisation

Posted: 02/02/2024

JT Group has worked with development partner RoamsysNext to introduce JT’s IoT Certification Manager (ICM).

IoT devices are experiencing explosive growth, with the projection that their number will double to 27 billion by 2025. JT’s new innovative solution addresses the pressing challenge faced by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and enterprise partners, who are struggling with network congestion and performance issues due to uncertified IoT devices.

Network congestion occurs when there’s an overload of signalling and data traffic that exceeds the network’s capacity to manage.

To tackle these problems, operators have at times resorted to imperfect solutions, but ICM effectively reduces the network issues that stem from IoT devices, ensuring improved service quality for customers and businesses.

ICM provides valuable insights and analytics, allowing operators to identify and, if required, take the necessary actions against uncertified or unfamiliar devices that may disrupt network performance or pose security risks, safeguarding the customer experience.

ICM also enhances cybersecurity and enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to guarantee that their devices function as originally intended on networks.

Marcus Irwin, Head of Product Innovation at JT, said:
“As an experienced mobile network operator, we’re well aware of the challenges posed by the existing and growing number of IoT devices. With ICM, we’re offering operators worldwide a groundbreaking solution that not only optimises network performance but also strengthens cybersecurity. It’s the game-changer we all need to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

Michael Grasmück, CEO of RoamsysNext, said:
“Our commitment to data enrichment and consolidation is unparalleled. ICM is the answer to the industry’s need for a comprehensive, single-source solution that enables operators to address network congestion and improve services for their customers and businesses.”

JT’s IoT Certification Management is available to mobile network operators, MVNOs, enterprise businesses, and OEMs through a yearly subscription. For more information click here.

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