JT shortlisted for its innovative home Wi-Fi service

Posted: 21/10/2022

JT is excited to announce that it has been shortlisted for its innovative home Wi-Fi service and is up against one of the world’s leading telecoms companies. JT, and its partner Plume, are one of three finalists for Best In-Home Wi-Fi network in the Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry Awards.

JT Total Wi-Fi was launched to give customers a better experience from their home fibre broadband network. It is competing against the French global telecommunications operator Orange in the awards which have recognised and celebrated achievements in Wi-Fi innovation for ten years.

JT teamed up with Plume, a leader in consumer experience management, two years ago to give customers improved Wi-Fi coverage and a higher level of control over their home networks. On average, homes in the Channel Islands have over 17 connected devices and more than 44,000 devices are managed through JT’s home Wi-Fi networks that are powered by Plume’s SaaS Experience Management Platform.

Learn more about how JT and Plume are revolutionising smart home experiences in this case study written by Omdia.

Pip Carpenter, JT’s Head of Commercial Market, said: “The Best In-Home Wi-Fi category recognises the operators that put their customers’ needs first. People rely on their home fibre broadband network for work, everyday tasks and entertainment, so we are delighted to be up there with some of the biggest companies in the world. What our customers like the most about it is the way it improves the distribution of their Wi-Fi signal around the home, with many reporting a massive improvement in their Wi-Fi user experience.”

The service includes content filtering and protection, and this year the parental control function on Plume HomePass has automatically protected younger family members nearly seven million times. Over 1.4 million malware attempts have been blocked and the system has prevented attempts to access customers data through spy, adware and phishing more than 450,000 times.”

Stefan van den Broek, VP Customer Success at Plume, added: “We value our partnership with JT because they share our aim of providing the best connected experience possible. Following independent tests, JT’s network was recently declared the fastest in the world, and pairing that with Plume’s cloud-based platform ensures that the highest quality of experience is maintained throughout the home and to every connected device. Our adaptive Wi-Fi, robust cybersecurity and advanced user controls combine to bring users a highly personalised and state-of-the-art smart home service.”

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