JT unveils groundbreaking security technology

Posted: 29/11/2023

Local telco, JT, has launched new technology that’s set to redefine how individuals access password-protected services, offering a swift, seamless and secure authentication process.

Silent Authentication+ is a groundbreaking passwordless technology that is the result of a joint venture between JT and anti-fraud specialist, Honey Badger.

Silent Authentication+ leverages the same cryptographic technology mobile networks use to secure phone calls and data sessions. The solution can be used by online retailers, fintech platforms and App Developers to create fast and convenient authentication experiences free from passwords, SMS one-time-passcodes, email verification links and authentication apps.

JT’s trusted technology provides a friction free authentication solution that harnesses rich data from its Mobile Operator partners that reduces the risk of fraud and cyber-attacks.

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer at JT, said: “The launch of Silent Authentication+ represents a fundamental shift in how digital businesses approach customer authentication. Its speed, security and simplicity will change our interaction with password-protected services.

“Despite technological advances and greater levels of awareness, the over reliance on passwords, SMS and email in authentication systems continues to leave personal information vulnerable to interception and attack from bad actors. Silent Authentication+ creates a fundamentally more secure authentication landscape.

“Collaboration is critical to technological development, and it’s been exciting to connect the Channel Islands with Silicon Valley to bring this to market.”

Matt Salisbury, CEO of Honey Badger, added: “Silent Authentication+ delivers all our objectives in developing a frictionless, more secure way to authenticate users. Online fraud and data security remain significant challenges, and our solution removes authentication as a barrier to great customer experiences while enhancing security.”

Peter Stok, Head of JT’s Head of Strategy for Mobile Intelligence, commented: “Silent Authentication+ focusses on improving customer experiences by removing authentication barriers while maintaining and even enhancing security. By working together, combining Honey Badger’s innovation and JT’s global expertise in telecoms, we’ve developed a solution that recognises the crucial balance between security and user experience.”

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