JT Welcomes eSIM Technology: Convenience, Safety and Sustainability

Posted: 16/11/2023

From 16th November, all JT customers across the Channel Islands with supported smart phones and tablets can benefit from eSIM technology.

If you’ve got a mobile phone, you’ll already be familiar with the small SIM card that connects your device to a mobile provider, allowing you to make and receive calls and texts and use data on your phone.

Today more and more smart phones use a digital version called an eSIM instead of the physical card to connect to your mobile plan. Unlike a regular SIM card, once downloaded via a QR code, the technology is securely embedded into your phone, where it has the potential to make things much simpler, safer and convenient for smartphone users.

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer at JT, said: “eSIMs offer a hassle-free mobile experience. They are perfect for those juggling work and personal numbers on one device, for anyone that wants to add international networks when roaming, or for people who simply don’t want to install a physical SIM card.”

eSIMs aren’t just about convenience – they’re a safety upgrade too.

“Safety is crucial to us,” added Tom. ‘’Our eSIM services have robust security features, making smartphones much more secure against fraud, especially SIM Swap, because you are virtually connected to the network. With no physical SIM, it’s harder for cybercriminals to acquire another SIM card and re-register the number in their name. What’s also great about eSIMs is that by eliminating the need for physical SIM cards, they reduce electronic waste and align to our commitment to environmental goals, making our customer’s mobile experience both secure and eco-friendly, something we know they rate highly.”

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