JT works with new elite sports academy to develop the skills of the island’s youth

Posted: 21/04/2021

JT is proud to be working with Strive to help talented young people excel at sport and reach their full potential, as well as assisting to put Jersey on the map as a location for elite sports.

Strive is a pioneering centre designed to provide the best knowledge and expertise to train athletes and sports people and to encourage greater participation in sport and wellbeing within our community. Its core belief is that a healthier lifestyle should be available to everyone and Strive is committed to providing opportunities for young people by teaming up with local secondary schools to develop the skills of students through its dedicated Academy programme.

As sponsors of the Academy’s Education Room, JT has provided the digital equipment required to support the Academy’s health and fitness education programme. It will teach young people how sport ties in with leading healthier lifestyles and give them the knowledge and ability so that they can inspire their families and friends to lead healthier lifestyles as well.

An additional aim of Strive is to support local athletes and teams with a desire to improve, giving them access to the services that are essential for those dedicated to pursuing excellence in their sporting endeavours.

Strive will use JT’s Managed Wi-Fi service throughout the premises, providing world-class, reliable, secure and hyper fast Wi-Fi for members, local athletes and visiting professionals, such as the British & Irish Lions rugby team during their upcoming training camp in advance of their tour of South Africa.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director, JT (Channel Islands), said: “We recognise the importance of working alongside such a pioneering project to elevate the profile of the Island and more importantly support the learning of Jersey school children. This venture will enable an equal platform of opportunity for children to grow and flourish, presenting athletic opportunities that, without this facility, may not be achievable. The centre will offer a diverse range of sports activities, thereby securing continued participation in sports and its important link to a healthy lifestyle. Designed to support a healthier life, Strive is a state-of-the-art facility that combines the services normally found in a health club with the expert coaching and advice associated with elite sport, enabled by state-of-the-art facilities and underpinned by JT’s world-class fibre network.”

Ben Harvey, Managing Director, Strive, said: “We are partnering with all Jersey’s secondary schools and are really excited to be nurturing the aspirations of our young people to live more active and healthier lives. We are working towards empowering young people with purpose, self-esteem and leadership and we are grateful for the support and expertise that our partnership with JT is securing for this centre. We see it as our mission to provide fitness and health education to all young people in Jersey.”

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