Leading Jersey Tech Agency unveils brand new identity

Posted: 11/02/2021

SystemLabs has announced the launch of its new website and brand, highlighting its unique market positioning to serve the digital needs of its forward-thinking clients.

The new site and branding are the culmination of SystemLabs’ continued evolution and expansion into powerful cutting-edge solutions to help their business clients maximise value in a digital world.

“Ever since we partnered with our first clients in 2018 under the name of DoodleLabs, we’ve focused on listening to and anticipating business needs, so that we can solve problems rather than simply build digital solutions,” said Jamie McDonald, Co-Director of SystemLabs. “Our mission has always been to be the leading partner that companies can come to for the strategy and smart solutions they need to achieve digital transformation. Our clients’ needs and the solutions we provide have evolved radically, so our brand needed to do the same.”

The SystemLabs team worked closely with brand and design studio The Observatory to evolve a bold and connected new identity featuring cutting-edge computer-generated animation and a dynamic visual language and voice to position themselves powerfully within their sector.

SystemLabs Co-Director Steve Quinn explains: “Tech branding all tends to look the same. We wanted to develop a strong visual identity and tone of voice that would differentiate ourselves, articulate what we stand for and give us the flexibility to meet all our future brand needs. We’re very proud of our new brand and identity and excited about the opportunities it now gives us.”

Under its new brand identity, SystemLabs has launched five expanded service offerings aimed at helping clients push the potential of digital and turn ideas into powerful solutions.

Progressive Web Apps

Delivering more than just a mobile app, Progressive Web Apps are pushing the boundaries of digitisation with smart, imaginative technology. SystemLabs are at the forefront of progressive web app technology in Jersey, with five active projects already launched.


Designed to speed up an organisation’s innovation, SystemLabs work with their clients to design and deliver streamlined, more efficient digital processes that help deliver higher value to customers.

Digital Transformation

From start-ups to sector-leading businesses, SystemLabs’ strategic consultancy services enable clients to rethink existing technology systems, backed up by cutting-edge software and process solutions.

IT Business Solutions

All the benefits of an IT department without actually having to have one. From audit to design, procurement and build, SystemLabs ensure their clients’ technology keeps pace with their growth.

Mobile Apps

Using the latest and leading mobile app technology, SystemLabs’ experts design and deliver seamless and secure user experiences for a diverse range of businesses and products.

Cyber Security

Stay on top of your online security. SystemLabs help you understand the cyber threat environment and protect your business with tailored cyber security features and solutions.

Along with the brand relaunch, SystemLabs are also delighted to announce that they have been welcomed into the Enhalo Group, a global consortium of leading digital businesses focused on digital transformation, cybersecurity and technology automation.

“The work we’ve done to bring our brand in line with our offering is a direct response to the evolving business needs of our clients. It’s always been our mission to be at the forefront of emerging technologies, so we can help our clients do the same, and we’re proud of the way our brand identity reflects that,” said Jamie McDonald. “In a rapidly changing world, we enable our clients to work with us as their virtual CTO, with the strategy and expertise to guide them through the haze of emerging technologies.”

Check out the new SystemLabs website and brand design here: https://systemlabs.io/

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