Local Business Builds 12 Websites to Revolutionise Parish Online Network

Posted: 18/02/2022

Local digital agency and Digital Jersey Member Blue Llama has launched 12 new websites, servicing 11 of the Island’s parishes and Comité des Connétables. This ambitious project saw the re-development of the Island’s online parish network impacting thousands of Islanders’ interaction with their local parish.

As demands on local services increase, and our digital landscape continues to evolve, online access to parish resources has become increasingly important. With half a million visits in 2021 alone, the parishes’ online presence was vital – but found itself struggling to keep up.

Blue Llama, who have worked with organisations such as Cloud Coach, Avis and Ransoms, was commissioned by the Comité des Connétables to modernise, optimise and improve digital engagement with the Islands parishioners, through an extensive digital re-design and re-development project.

“This was one of the largest and most important projects our team has worked on,” commented Phil de Gruchy, Managing Director at Blue Llama. “The old websites were inconsistent and difficult to use, for both parishioners and staff, and it was clear that a whole new build was required. With essentially twelve clients involved – eleven parishes and the Comité des Connétables – it was certainly a challenge, but we were confident that a unified and contemporary digital network was a must for Jersey’s dynamic (and growing) community.”

The new websites, built with accessibility for all users in mind, utilise a clean intuitive design, streamlined menu, user-friendly search and a clearer, more effective homepage, ultimately offering a superior user experience. New functionality was also introduced – including the ability to sign up for news and events via email, make payments online and provide discrete feedback – to facilitate the evolving ways that Islanders want to interact with their resident parishes.

Deidre Mezbourian, Chairman of the Comité des Connétables remarked, “Developing websites covering 11 Parishes and the Comité but as a single, integrated digital project was ambitious. But it was clear to us that the existing website was no longer adequately serving our parishioners. We were keen to work with a forward-thinking and reliable partner and have been thrilled with the performance of Blue Llama who launched all Parish websites on budget and ahead of schedule. The Parishes and the Comité now have an effective, extendable platform, which they can continue to develop over time, to help the community better interact with their home Parish online.”

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