Local Students Kick-Start Entrepreneurial Future with Innovative Course

Posted: 30/06/2015

11 Grainville School Students, aged 14-16, have been selected to complete a brand new two-year vocational Business and Enterprise Course, delivered th...

11 Grainville School Students, aged 14-16, have been selected to complete a brand new two-year vocational Business and Enterprise Course, delivered through collaboration between Digital Jersey, Head Teacher of Grainville School John McGuinness, The Department of Education, and members of Jersey’s digital industry.

The curriculum is the first of its kind in Jersey and will focus on enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, giving students the chance to work individually and in teams on creative projects. This will build their digital proficiency as they move towards their chosen career paths, and will give them the knowledge and skills set to become self-employed and develop a business successfully. The course will be delivered by Jo Carroll, Head of Business at Grainville School, business leaders and digital industry experts, who will also act as mentors for the students. Digital Jersey has offered the Hub as a workspace for the course, so that the students can learn in a real-life business environment.

The course addresses the current digital skills gap in Jersey, and will help to ensure that young people have the skills required to the fill the long-term talent pipeline. The course will comprise of 3-hour lessons every Friday, with the first class taking place in September. The course will be extended in 2016/17, to also include students from Les Quennevais School, Haute Vallée School and Le Rocquier School.

6 girls and 5 boys have been selected for the programme. The successful students and their parents will meet the industry sponsors, mentors and business leaders for the first time at the Hub on 29 June.

Jo Carrol commented:

“This is a really exciting project and an innovative way to deliver the business and enterprise curriculum. I’m really looking forward to working in partnership with Digital Jersey and local businesses and entrepreneurs, to give the students valuable insight into business, as well as giving them an opportunity to gain a qualification and learn important skills that will help with their future employability.”

Carla Harris, Director of Digital Jersey, commented:

“I am delighted that Digital Jersey has been able to collaborate with education and industry to develop this brand new vocational course. It’s great that members of the local tech community are offering their expertise to support and enhance the curriculum. The students will have access to high-quality work experience and they will be made fully aware of the professional and business context of their studies and the skills and attributes required to be successful in this industry. The promotion of an enterprise culture in our schools is imperative as a means of stimulating economic growth and improving economic prosperity. This course goes hand-in-hand with Digital Jersey’s skills agenda, to prepare our Island’s young people for the digital future.”

Deacon Wilson, Student at Grainville School, commented:

“This is a chance to evaluate my skills and show I am ready for the world of

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