Marbral Advisory Creates New Jobs in the Channel Islands

Posted: 03/06/2019

Marbral Advisory shows confidence in the Channel Islands market with new jobs, whilst growing product and service portfolio.

International change and project management specialist Marbral Advisory, has created five new positions in the Channel Islands.

The company’s planned expansion is due to the launch of new product and service offerings across the Channel Islands and internationally.

Marbral Advisory’s CEO, Leonie McCrann and Head of Client and Product Development, Natasha Egré, have been developing new services in the Digital Leadership, Automation, AML, Cyber security, GDPR and Brexit arenas.

The five new permanent positions being sought are Principal Change Architect, Junior Change Architect, Test Manager, Senior Test Analyst and Junior Business Analyst. The positions demonstrate a commitment to continued growth of the business in the Channel Islands and further afield.

Marbral Advisory supports a wide range of clients in the finance, legal, medical, gaming, utilities, logistics, telecommunications, construction and government sectors. The company has presence in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and the UK. In addition, Marbral Advisory’s co-founder Alexsis Wintour, has been developing opportunities in Malta and Lisbon, with expansions in the company’s product line through significant research in the areas of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Leonie McCrann, CEO, Marbral Advisory, says:

‘It’s essential for businesses to be aware of and develop organisational inclusive response plans to changes in the European and global markets. We assist companies by identifying these upcoming opportunities, or threats, and supporting them to build the internal response plans and skills needed, putting them in the very best place to manage the new world. There is a need to develop new risk management frameworks, new ways of working and new thinking to continue to prosper. We have developed a range of models, services and engagement options which make this easier for them, whilst also maintaining a strong value for money delivery framework.

We are very excited to be offering five new permanent positions at Marbral Advisory so we can continue to assist our clients in capitalising on the new technologically driven world. Our expansion is a clear message to the market that we plan to continue to invest in the Channel Islands and we look forward to welcoming some new pioneers to our dynamic team.’

Alexsis Wintour, Co-Founder, Marbral Advisory, says:

‘It’s a very exciting time for Marbral Advisory across all jurisdictions. I’m focusing on the future and dedicating time to building new products and services. These include learning and development opportunities in new technologies and disciplines for professional services, financial services providers, and governments.

Blockchain is getting closer to its breakout moment. My prediction is that it will become mainstream within the next 24 months. And it’s not the only blockchain that is accelerating the technological revolution but the advancement of many more disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence. Organisations planning and managing change will have to address this. Their business models, organisational structures, and processes will look very different in the next two to three years.

I am exploring the edge of these technologies internationally, whilst working with the rest of the Marbral Advisory team to maximise the opportunity to serve the local markets. To do this, we need an expanded team and I am delighted that we will be welcoming new change advocates and analysts to join us on this exciting journey.’


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