Meet James During TechWeek

Posted: 09/10/2018

James Baker is the founder of Secusol Security Solutions, a service provider that helps innovative cybersecurity vendors establish themselves in EMEA.

Secusol provides physical and virtual subsidiary services that utilise his fully trained staff on the ground across Europe. Secusol manages all sales, marketing and technical support which effectively becomes the EMEA office for their clients.

James will be present at the upcoming Tech Week and will have a Secusol stand with a range of innovative data security hardware and software products on display. He will also be launching Encryptics EMEA at this event, an email and data encryption solution that provides users with complete control over their data, before and after it has been sent, by creating FIPS certified .SAFE packages on virtually any device such as; smartphones, PC’s, servers, databases and even data stored in the cloud.

James and Secusol will be at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 16th and 17th October to discuss Encryptics along with their other offerings:

Novastone Secure Messaging Platform – An email replacement for Health Care and Finance that focuses on enhancing client and patient communications by allowing quick and secure communications across their clients preferred messaging channels.

Spyrus – Remote working access control solutions with portable Windows and Linux environments secured by hardware encryption and remote management capabilities.

Safexs – Hardware encrypted storage solutions that work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Citrix, Embedded machines and printers, current deployments of over 600k units to the UK government alone.

AuthenTrend – MFA Solutions for consumers and businesses addressing concerns around 2FA by providing an additional biometric authenticator built into key cards, USB keys, smartphone applications and crypto wallets.

James and Secusol would welcome all that are interested in hearing about his company’s solutions and services to come and visit him during the Digital Health and Fintech days for a chat and product demonstration.

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