Millions in Tax Free Charity Donations Unlocked Through Jersey Lump Sum Integration

Posted: 02/12/2021

Jersey based RaceNation SportsGiving, along with Jersey Fundraising Forum and CAST have come together to build an easy integration of the Jersey Lump Sum Donation scheme – giving the opportunity to access millions more in fundraising for charities completely free of charge.

A group of Jersey charities, along with Jersey based event registration and fundraising platform RaceNation SportsGiving have announced a new system that will launch in December for the collection of Digital Declarations relating to the Jersey Lump Sum Donation Scheme, the Jersey equivalent of UK GiftAid, that allows charities to claim an additional 25% on donations from Revenue Jersey.

Following the devastating impact of COVID-19, Jersey based charities headed up by Durrell Wildlife Conservation and CAST came together to recommend improvements to the Jersey Lump Sum system to enable many more charities to claim an additional 25p on every £1 on donations over £50 made by Jersey taxpayers.

This means that a donation of £100 could be worth £125 to a charity in Jersey. Despite the availability of this great opportunity, the traditional process of claiming was noted as overly long and outdated, which meant it went largely unused and unclaimed by the majority of donors. Previously, the donor would have to make a donation, complete a paper based R10 form and send it back to the charity, before it would then be submitted by the latter to the Revenue Jersey for the claim. A survey of local charities estimated that on average, it can take over 40 minutes per claim and weeks of processing time, putting an administrative burden on donors, charities and Revenue Jersey resulting in millions of missed out claims for eligible Jersey charities.

Thankfully, through this insight, Jersey based event registration and fundraising platform RaceNation SportsGiving are the first donation platform to build a complete Lump Sum Donation integration into their online fundraising process, fully approved by Revenue Jersey.

Much in the same way that they offer UK GiftAid as standard feature, enabling charities to automatically claim back 25% via HMRC, RaceNation has now built a capability for Jersey Lump Sum to be integrated into donations. The average time for the claim via the platform will now take just a few seconds, saving a huge amount of time and immensely increasing the likelihood of the additional 25% of the donation going to the worthy cause.

The innovative news comes as a much-needed addition to repairing some of the damage caused by the loss of events and fundraising opportunities over recent times.

In a huge move forward for Jersey charities, Beth Gallichan, chairperson at Jersey Fundraising Forum and Fundraising Manager at Durrell said “We have seen GiftAid in the UK work so well at paying millions of additional funds each year to charities. It is clear that the Jersey Lump Sum donation scheme is in place to encourage people to give donations to charity, but it is desperately in need of digital modernisation. The way charities accept donations and communicate with donors has changed, improving this process in Jersey is a tremendous step forward to helping many good causes.”

Will Golder, CEO of RaceNation said “After a difficult time for charities in Jersey, we’re absolutely delighted to be able to integrate our technology for such a wonderful cause. This is an incredible step forward in being able to claim significant missed opportunities for those Jersey charities that do so much good, but there is still a lot more to be done and we look forward to working closely with Revenue Jersey to maximising opportunities in the future.”

Charities interested in hearing more about Jersey Lump Sum, including how to get set up for free, should contact Amy Maginnis, Head of Charity Partnerships at [email protected].
The Jersey Fundraising Forum will aim to partner with the Association of Jersey Charities and Revenue Jersey to increase public awareness and help further support Jersey Charities, along with the continued technical support of RaceNation.

For more information, please visit Race Nation

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