My Summer with Digital Jersey

Posted: 14/09/2023

As Summer draws to a close, Jess our Summer intern shares her highlights from the past few months and advice for anyone wanting to do an internship.


A bit about me…

Hi, I’m Jess and I have just completed a 4-month internship at Digital Jersey. I am about to start my second year studying Digital Media & Culture at King’s College London. As much as I enjoy my course, it’s not always easy to understand what it is I really do just by reading the course name. So, to put it simply, I assess how different types of digital media influence a variety of social groups, businesses and politics. The course covers a range of topics from how A.I’s representation in literature affects its perception in the real world, to the role social media sites play in political protests. While this may not highlight a straightforward career path in the same way other courses do, I believe the ability to take a more abstract perspective regarding the role technology plays in our society is a valuable skill my course has equipped me with – but of course I wanted to test this out!


Why I chose to Intern after my first year

As with a lot of humanities subjects (sorry to you women in STEM!), most of my assessments in first year were coursework based rather than exams, granting me with a generous 4-and-a-half-month-long summer break. As much as I would’ve loved to spend that time soaking up the sun, reality set in that I needed money and experience. So, I saw my opportunity to test out how the topics I was learning about were being explored in a non-academic environment.


How I came to do an internship at Digital Jersey

Towards the end of first year, I started looking for work experience options here in Jersey, to make the most of my summer break. Having been unsuccessful in my search for any advertised openings relevant to my course or interests, I turned to Digital Jersey’s website after having already done my Project Trident work experience with them a few years ago while in school.

After reading about the work they had been doing to boost Jersey’s use of technology through initiatives such as Smart Fields and Digital Jersey Academy, I decided to take the plunge and email DJ CEO, Tony Moretta, on the off chance he could steer me towards any potential opportunities. Fortunately, I received a reply that put me in the direction of Digital Jersey’s strategy team who requested to meet with me. After a conversation about DJ’s upcoming projects and my own interests, I was offered a 4-month internship.

What has been my best experience?

Being a textbook overthinker, I wasn’t sure what to expect starting my internship. However, from the outset, the team at Digital Jersey immediately made me feel welcome and involved. Having 1-to-1 meetings with the heads of each team during my first week was an invaluable way to learn more about the company and better understand what it takes to design and run a tech accelerator programme.

At first, taking on the responsibility of working on my own projects seemed daunting. Having been used to writing academic essays for the past year, I started doubting my ability to know what writing style was appropriate. However, learning to trust my own judgement when completing an individual project has been an experience that has instilled me with resilience and given me the confidence to openly accept new challenges. During my internship, I have contributed to the creation of guidance materials for Impact Jersey applicants, as well as consolidated information from various sources to write a report for the Tech Start-Up Bootcamp 2023. Working on both projects has not only improved my writing skills, but also enhanced my understanding of the decision-making process that underpins the development of tech initiatives.

My time working at Digital Jersey has also provided me with multiple networking opportunities which I have found incredibly beneficial. Jersey’s tech community is growing at an impressive rate, and setting myself up to be a part of it is something I believe will be crucial to my professional development once I finish university.

Advice for students wanting to do an internship

With this being my first internship experience, I don’t know it all! That being said, here are a few key takeaways from my experience that I think are important for anyone wanting to do an internship to consider:

  • Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you – While not every email will be successful, using your initiative to reach out to companies, whether they have a posted opportunity or not, can get you noticed. This is likely to reflect well on your character, showing that you are proactive in your desire to gain experience and want to seek out opportunities that align with your goals.
  • There’s no shame in asking questions – Something I had to overcome was being nervous to ask questions as to not disturb someone. But with this internship being a learning experience, asking questions demonstrated a commitment to wanting to do the job well.
    There wasn’t an expectation for me to know everything and that was recognised by the team being happy to help.
  • Being out of your comfort zone isn’t always a bad thing – Taking on tasks originally outside of my comfort zone was a chance to prove to myself that I can handle new and unfamiliar situations, which is a valuable skill in any career. Things such as making an effort to get to know the team or taking on a piece of work that seems more challenging at first, has been key to making the most of my time working at Digital Jersey.
  • Keep track of your achievements – Something I wish I’d realised earlier was the benefit of keeping a record of any accomplishments and skills I’d developed. This documentation will be useful when it comes to updating my CV and make it easier to effectively communicate my contributions and growth.

To Sum it all up…

My summer working at Digital Jersey has been an incredibly enriching experience. These past few months have not only deepened my understanding of Jersey’s digital landscape, but also enabled me to develop both my practical and soft skills, while building my confidence. I’m grateful to have worked alongside talented professionals who have encouraged my growth and I am eager to apply the knowledge and insights gained here to my future endeavours. As I return to university for my second year, I carry with me a new sense of excitement to continue working towards a career in digital!


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