New Channel Island cloud platform to protect data

Posted: 09/10/2019

The Channel Islands’ largest technology solutions provider C5 Alliance presented a new cloud solution to protect local companies’ data.

The Island Cloud has been unveiled at the Digital-X event, a first of its kind event held in the islands.

150 people came together to discuss how businesses can tackle digital transformation. The conference held on Tuesday 24th September at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Jersey was hosted by C5 Alliance and sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Rubrik.

A host of international speakers attended the event including the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Enterprise Services, Richard Potter, Kate Wood, Co-Founder and Director of Culture at Engage Your People, and Simon Wilson, Chief Technology Officer at Aruba Networks.

The Island Cloud platform is designed to suit the needs of Channel Island businesses; whether they require their data to reside within the jurisdiction, to meet data sovereignty requirements, to take full advantage of what the public cloud can offer or to be part of a multi-cloud strategy. Using the latest best-in-class technology and an enterprise, multi-layered security solution with-end-to-end encryption the platform, ensures optimal performance, availability and protection.

Scott Nursten, Chief Technology Officer, C5 said:“For many businesses in the Channel Islands, particularly those in financial services, there are issues of substantiality and confidentiality. We are launching a local cloud platform in the Channel Islands to provide data sovereignty.”

Keynote speaker at the Digital-X event, Richard Potter, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Enterprise Services said: “The Channel Islands has great advantages. It is a controlled, confined region, which is a great testing ground for new ideas. It has really good technical foundations. Recognising those strengths and moving on from that is the real opportunity. A cloud platform is a motor for innovative organisations.”

C5 Alliance is committed to helping Channel Island businesses to harness cutting-edge technology to maximise opportunities and Digital-X will return next year with world-class keynote speakers at the conference which will be held in Guernsey.

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