Nexus Technology Launches Outlook Add-in to Reduce Time-Tracking Costs & Inefficiencies

Posted: 07/10/2022

Nexus Technology, a leading provider of time-tracking software, has announced the launch of its Outlook Add-in.

Jersey-based Nexus Technology today announces the general release of Timeroll, a timesheet replacement offered as a lightweight Office 365 add-in, reducing time-tracking costs, and providing business efficiency savings.

ST HELIER, Jersey, 6th June 2022 — Time tracking is key for a business to understand how their employees are spending their time on billable and non-billable work. This is important for productivity, insight, and profitability. Using timesheets certainly helps to achieve this, but around 3% of an employee’s time is wasted filling in timesheets, time which can’t be billed to clients.

Timeroll helps to reduce this lost time by integrating directly with the user’s Office 365 calendar and retrieving meeting and task data so a user doesn’t have to.

“We know the frustrations that employees have when filling in timesheets, a reoccurring task that consumes non-billable time, and quite frankly is a pain. Timeroll was born out of this frustration, and integrates directly with the Office 365 calendar, capturing time recording information on the fly, then connecting directly with project management and billing systems to fill out employee timesheets automatically”. said Gary Stewart, Co-founder & CEO, Nexus Technology.

Most businesses are still using third-party applications for recording time, which sit outside the Office 365 environment. With over 187,000 businesses in the UK using Office 365 (the second highest in the world), and with over 1 million companies using MS Office worldwide, an add-in seems like a perfect fit.

An early adopter of Timeroll said, Matthew from a Jersey-Based investment management firm said:

“Our Senior Executives move from meeting to meeting, some are cut short, and to keep track of the actual minutes spent at each meeting, execs would store the information in spreadsheets which were then shared with secretaries that managed their calendars,and client billing on their behalf. All this admin time was non-billable. After careful review, which involved 5 pieces of competing technology, we settled on Timeroll, as it proved to be lightweight, made use of our Office 365 investment, and was the most cost-effective.”

Nexus Technology is currently offering prospective clients a 30-minute web demonstration of Timeroll, any business that is interested can book a time directly with James Baker, and can access his online calendar here –

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