On this day the #TimeSavingGurus celebrate International Day of Banks with TSGTU Podcast

Posted: 08/12/2020

Episode 5 of TSGTU has dropped, and in this show the ‘Gurus’ discuss the first ever ‘International Day of Banks’….

Episode 5 of TSGTU has dropped, and in this show the ‘Gurus’ discuss the first ever ‘International Day of Banks’ which was adopted by the United Nations in 2019 in recognition of how international banks contribute to improved standards of living and their vital role in the banking system, but do the gurus think that the traditional bank is doing a good job of meeting the needs of their clients? You need to tune in to find out!

The first UK bank opened way back in 1672 and the one of the largest multinational banks opened a little later in 1690, this bank is the sixth oldest bank to still exist and has more than 4,750 domestic and international branches, you will need to listen to find out which bank this is, as well as how they were the first to open with a mechanical ATM, and more locally how the electronic ATM has roots in Jersey.

This is episode 5 in the Technology Unplugged series and the podcast is co-hosted by the #TimeSavingGurus, James Baker and Nathan Wright and will occasionally involve guest subject matter experts, or just guests that we want to invite to have a bit of fun. The show is recorded locally in Jersey and through a partnership with the Digital Jersey Academy who do a great job of post-production.

In our next episode, the ‘Gurus’ will celebrate the ‘Wright Brothers Day’ which celebrates the pioneering experiments of the Wrights and the history of aviation technologies. The ‘Gurus’ will look at how technology has played a part in how we travel, book our holidays and business trips, and the issues that COVID has had on airlines and airports.

This episode’s show notes as well as previous episodes can be found by visiting; www.tsgtu.com

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