Online store of stores launches in Jersey

Posted: 27/03/2020 will enable islanders to order restaurant-quality food, essential and luxury products and much-needed services directly to their door.

This booking and payment platform has been set up to help everyone through the Coronavirus crisis. It offers isolating customers a one-stop shop to order everything they need safely and securely. And it offers businesses an instant online presence, so they can continue trading while their physical premises are closed. In short, it gives the non-finance sectors of Jersey’s economy a chance to not just survive, but to thrive through this immensely challenging period.

Nude Food, Cargo and Seymour Hotels are among the restaurants already signed up. We’re also allowing individual fishermen and farm shops to sell their unique, local produce through our site. It means customers can buy a lobster, a lettuce and latte in one place.

Fetch is a partnership between DWE Digital and 365Tickets. With its core tourism business on hold, 365Tickets has quickly repurposed its systems and resources to meet the rapidly increasing demand for at-home products and services. It doesn’t just list brands. Customers can order and pay with confidence – from several different merchants in the same online ‘basket’ – and pay with debit/credit card.

Businesses who want to get involved do not need an existing website. Fetch will create a store for them and upload their goods, services and prices. However, businesses who already have a website can add a ‘Shop with Fetch’ button, to take customers straight to a bespoke online store.

Fetch is working on ensuring there is no cost to businesses during the pandemic. There will be no minimum contract term, and no transaction fees. By joining Fetch, they are visible to a wider audience with no extra marketing spend.

Dave Edwards, DWE Digital, said: “​We want to show Jersey what the digital community can do. This is about harnessing all our e-commerce and logistics skills to keep our much-loved physical businesses afloat, and keep money flowing into the island economy. It’s just one local solution to a rapidly-evolving global crisis, but we hope it’ll make a difference.”

Tim De Gruchy, 365Tickets, said: “365Tickets has a proven technology platform and a team that can manage a marketplace model. We have significantly reduced the lead time to produce a robust platform with security and scale from the get go. Our aim is to keep local businesses in business.”

Paul Frankham​,​ said: “Performance Physiotherapy we have continued our service online even though our physical doors are closed. We have converted all face-to-face appointments to video consultations. ‘Same expertise, delivered in a different way’. We want all those out there who are confined to their houses to know if they’re struggling with musculoskeletal pain, we are here to help. We know that can spread the word and connect our community with valued services.”

Liam Montgomery, Cargo Coffee Bar, said: “Like many other small restaurants, we were devastated by the future prospects, and were unprepared for the task of setting up a take away service. Fetch has made the whole process easy and hassle free, and thankfully, we can continue to support our customers.

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