Phone payment being rolled out to other States car parks

Posted: 18/10/2017

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is rolling out the service of phone payment for parking to all of its other car parks from Monday 23 October 2...

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is rolling out the service of phone payment for parking to all of its other car parks from Monday 23 October 2017.

Drivers will still be able to use paycards, season tickets and eco permits and the current payment system operating in Sand Street car park.

On Wednesday 13 September, DfI launched the PayByPhone service trial in Green Street car park and then extended it to Pier Road car park and then to Patriotic Street and Les Jardins car parks. With these four locations operational it is now time to extend the service to all the other car parks operated by DfI. These are:

  • Charles Street Car Park
  • Esplanade Car Park Shopper Zone
  • Minden Place Car Park
  • Snow Hill Car Park
  • South Hill Car Park
  • Ann Place Car Park
  • First Tower Car Park
  • Elizabeth Lane Car Park
  • Inn on the Park Car Park
  • Midvale Road Car Park
  • People’s Park Car Park
  • Route du Fort Car Park
  • Red Houses Upper Car Park
  • Goose Green Car Park
  • La Collette Car Park
  • Lay-By 1 Victoria Avenue
  • Lay-By 2 Victoria Avenue
  • Lay-By 3 Victoria Avenue
  • Lay-By 4 Victoria Avenue
  • Le Boulevard Car Park
  • St Aubin and Parish Hall Car Park
  • Gunsite Car Park
  • Nelson Street Car Park

The new service gives people an alternative to having to buy paycards in advance. Under this additional option, motorists will be able to use PayByPhone to pay for their parking using a credit or debit card in the car park using their mobile. The new service also gives motorists the opportunity to top up their parking fee without having to return to their vehicle.

Car park patrons who have not already registered and want to use this new system can register now with PayByPhone from their computer, tablet or phone in readiness for when the system goes live on 23 October. The easiest way is by downloading the iOS or Android app or by logging onto from a mobile device or desktop and selecting the Register option. From there, you can enter your vehicle registration (including the ‘J’), your mobile phone number, email and credit card details. Once registered it is very easy to use the new system by accessing your account and providing the location number found on the signage in the car park. If you do not want to receive text reminders or text receipts, which are chargeable at 10p each, you must turn off that option. Otherwise, the charge is the same as paycards. Further information is available on

DfI is especially interested in getting feedback from users. Any comments should be directed to [email protected] or the PayByPhone 24/7 Support Helpline on 0330 400 7275. Feedback has been very positive so far, one user said “won't have to buy silly scratch cards anymore that waste paper and are easily mis-scratched, so simple to use – absolutely great.”

Deputy Eddie Noel Minister for Infrastructure said, “We have been delighted with the take-up of PayByPhone in the car parks already using the system. We have been getting about 600 transactions per day so far. There has been some very positive feedback which is very encouraging."

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