Phundex announce a new partnership with HealthEdge Innovations

Posted: 24/08/2021

We are delighted to formally announce our partnership with HEI, to support their translational research guided approach to health innovation on the Phundex platform.

We have been working closely with HEI as a co-creator for the past two years developing our innovation management system and building out the Phundex platform functionality to support their proprietary review process and health scoring system.  

The desire to improve life expectancy and quality of life are driving forces behind the billions spent each year to innovate in health. With so many innovations in this space, knowing which ventures to back can be overwhelming for investors who want to contribute to global improvements in health but are not experts in the domain. How does one distinguish between investments with the potential to greatly impact health and improve lives and those that are solutions to non-existent problems? Today, HealthEdge Innovations (HEI) and Phundex Limited announce Phundex Health: an integrated ecosystem to reduce risk and expedite informed investment in health innovation.

HEI sources high-potential ventures and, using a proprietary review process and health scoring algorithm, assesses their health research and investment readiness, then delivers them for risk-informed investment. Phundex’s proprietary platform ensures streamlined, more secure data flows. It coordinates investees, investors, administrators and managers to provide real-time management, tracking and reporting across the financial ecosystem in junior and senior capital markets.

Together, the HEI and Phundex teams have decades of experience in innovation, Translational Research, business development and investment management. This exciting new partnership creates a one-stop-shop to access verified and validated ventures and systematic way to make informed decisions, reduce risk and streamline the process of investment in health innovation.

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