DB Results and Phundex, crossing the globe for innovative fintech

Posted: 24/08/2021

Phundex is thrilled to announce our partnership with global technology business DB Results to develop our Phundex platform.

We’ve worked together over the past five months to bring the Phundex vision to life.  It has been a joy and privilege to work with such a talented team across the globe. I can honestly say that the team at DB Results are the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and they make suggestions and recommendations that improve the product and deliver the client vision.

We’re working on the final pre-production preparations for Phundex 1.0 and look forward to going into production in September, supported by the DB Results Managed Services team.

Based on years of experience, Phundex identified an opportunity to dramatically reduce time, complexity and costs involved in funding innovation through better connectivity and collaboration.

Utilizing DB Results tech know how, the project involved expert teams pooling skills from across the continents and the result is an application that supports users from origination and administration for the entire investment cycle, 24/7.

“The end-to-end funding process is so labour intensive… there had to be a more streamlined way to make funding accessible,” explains Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a former lawyer who has worked extensively in the banking and finance industry.

“With such breadth of experience and reputation for delivery, DB Results were our first choice to bring this solution to life”.

The partnership further strengthens the Australian based DB Results’ global presence and position as a tech leader in the finance sector. DB Results brings Phundex to an impressive customer portfolio in the finance space.

“There is no other solution in the market that provides the end-to-end capability offered by the Phundex platform. It manages processes and transactions as well as access to the data and documents required for a broad range of stakeholders, enabling streamlining and more efficient internal and external reporting,” said Andrew Dean, CEO AT DB Results.

“Phundex is poised to change the funding scene on a global scale beyond anything we have seen before.”

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