Phundex announces Strategic Alliance with Cygnetise

Posted: 01/03/2022

Phundex and Cygnetise have entered into a strategic alliance to help their clients streamline and simplify processes and transactions.

Phundex and Cygnetise have formed a strategic alliance to provide embedded signatory and bank mandate management tools for all Cygnetise clients onto the Phundex platform.

Both companies have responded to significant client requests for integrated solutions by agreeing to embed the Cygnetise blockchain signatory-management solution within Phundex’s end-to-end digital pathway that supports collaboration between family offices, innovation hubs, funds, administrators, and investors, across the investment lifecycle

Phundex and the award-winning Cygnetise have signed a formal Strategic Alliance committing resources to continuously develop the synergies between the businesses to benefit mutual clients. This means that Phundex’s users can holistically manage all of their authorised signatories for transaction and process management via one interface.

Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO, Phundex said:

“We are delighted to be working with Cygnetise to bring this new capability to the Phundex platform. We have first-hand experience in keeping authorised signatory lists up to date and available to counterparties, and see the solution that Cygnetise offers as a ground-breaking way of improving that process, and more importantly, reducing operational risk.” Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO, Phundex

“It is exciting to work with Phundex as they launch their new technology platform.
Our goals & principles are well aligned, and we look forward to collaborating with Phundex to make life easier for their customers.” Steve Pomfret, Cygnetise

About Phundex
Our centralised process, transaction and data management hub enhances efficiency, reduces operational risk and enable real-time collaboration across all stakeholders.

Designed with customers, Phundex improves go-to-market time, transparency and disclosure.

We designed our Phundex Pathway Template Suite to give you access to industry-standard transactions and process types as a starting point. You can use them as-is, or customise them to meet your way of working.
Find out more here Phundex and on LinkedIn.

About Cygnetise
Cygnetise is a multi-award-winning company applying blockchain technology to revolutionise the process of Authorised Signatory Management (ASM). The Cygnetise solution simplifies and solves the pain of ASM by enabling operations and finance departments to digitally manage and share authorised signatories, in real-time, with their banks and other counterparties, making the process more efficient, transparent, and secure.
Since launching as the first blockchain company of its kind in 2016, Cygnetise has continued to expand its global reach and is now live in over twenty countries for multiple clients, including PWC, Societe Generale, Vistra, MorningStar, JTC and Raymond James.

Find out more here: Cygnetise and on LinkedIn.

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