Phundex is working with oneNDA to incorporate onto the platform

Posted: 24/08/2021

Phundex is delighted to announce that we are adopting oneNDA as our NDA of choice, and are working with the oneNDA team to incorporate oneNDA onto the Phundex platform.

I’ve spent weeks worth of time over the years drafting and reviewing NDA’s and applaud this initiative – it streamlines and simplifies the process for everyone – so everyone wins. Supported by Magic Circle law firms in the UK, with contributions from Australian and California lawyers, it’s a simple bi-lateral NDA that will save time, especially as more businesses adopt it.

If you haven’t already, please look up the oneNDA project and consider adopting it for your own organization.  Your in-house and external lawyers are probably already looking at this.  Only yesterday an early adopter told of receiving a 10-page NDA and sent back oneNDA in response – it was immediately adopted by both parties!

Check it out here

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