Phundex -Kerrer Shearer Collaboration Announcement

Posted: 08/09/2020

Heather-Anne Hubbell and David Kelly are delighted to announce their collaboration on the development and launch of Phundex Limited.

Heather-Anne and David have worked in financial services, focusing in capital markets, each for over two decades. The industry for fund and instrument administration continues to be complicated, with many players and stubbornly manual processes. While there are many bespoke technology solutions for individual parts of the process, they are involved and often don’t coordinate with each other. The end-to-end process to meet regulatory requirements has led to significant manual movement and manipulation of data as well as patchy technical workarounds. No matter the size of the funding being sought. The cost of duplication reduces the incentive to create investment products for smaller issuers and investors and has led to the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms. However, these platforms don’t address the complex regulatory framework that administrators must achieve to ensure transparency, efficient management and investor reporting and confidence post-investment.

Heather-Anne’s experience with incubators and small and medium-size organizations led her to create a simple technology-based solution to make it easier to administer processes that provide the same calibre of structuring and due diligence for investment in innovation as in the traditional capital markets. The platform works equally well for traditional trust companies, funds and funds services businesses.

David’s expertise in all aspects of risk management, risk architecture and governance, combined with Heather-Anne’s regulatory framework, have given rise to Phundex Limited.


Founded in 2019, Phundex is a Jersey-based technology platform supporting raising and administering investment funding. It coordinates across investees, investors, administrators and managers, providing management, tracking and reporting across the financial eco-system in both junior and senior capital markets. Regulation is in our DNA. Phundex’s approach focuses on enabling regulatory compliance across the landscape, which is critical for our clients.

Phundex coordinates standardizes and automates workflow across the players and eco-system required to raise and administer funds. It reduces manual effort and coordination across the investment lifecycle, creating significant efficiencies. As a result, it minimizes upfront and ongoing time and costs, as well as speeding up the time to market. As a result, it costs less to administer each fundraise and investor, making a smaller offering and individual unit size more attractive for issuance and administration.

Formally launching later this fall, Phundex is currently working with co-creator clients in the innovation, investment fund and structured finance sectors to build out additional capability on the platform and integration with third parties.


Founded in 2017, Kerr Shearer Limited is a London based strategic management consulting firm in the financial industry. Our objective is to work with clients on how to design their future state model risk, risk architecture and governance.

We focus on the path that Independent Model Risk and Validation functions need to follow to improve their risk, cost and capability profile by delivering pragmatic changes into model risk culture.

We combine extensive expertise in model governance, risk management, operational excellence, technology delivery, as well as business intelligence that profoundly understands the product lifecycle within the demands of the supervisory landscape.

Kerr Shearer has recently extended its model governance framework to capture risks associated with AI and ML development programs.

For more information about Phundex or a demonstration of our platform, please email [email protected].

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