Phundex Latest Enhancements Released

Posted: 23/05/2022

Phundex releases new enhancements in client-driven update

Phundex Limited and Phundex UK Ltd Phundex is pleased to announce the third release in 2022, in line with the product roadmap of regular enhancements planned for this year.

Phundex continues to focus on client-driven design and functionality.  Regular review and feedback from clients ensure that our enhancements match our client requirements.  “This 3rd release in 2022 shows our commitment to our planned enhancement roadmap”, said Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO of Phundex. “We are delighted to be enhancing some of the updates we made in April to improve the customer experience.

Based on years of experience, Phundex simplifies financial administration and transaction management by streamlining processes to a centralized location, dramatically reducing time, complexity and costs through better connectivity and collaboration.

Phundex.   Designed by people with years of experience in the business of finance.  They know the needs and the pain points you want to be solved.

Enhancements Platform Platform enhancements in this release include:

Dependencies – this month, we’ve significantly enhanced the functionality for dependencies.  We’ve updated the automation in the creation and workflow of dependencies, enabling you to prioritize and assign tasks and change the prioritization with automated number updating.  We’ve also increased the functionality to ensure Team Members only receive email notifications of Task assignments when the prior dependencies are complete.  Finally, we’ve provided that a Team Member can’t start a Task until all of the previous dependent tasks are completed.

We’ve also added email address validation of Team Members.  When you add a new Team Member to your Network, the platform will check whether that user is already on the Phundex Platform, automatically validates the email address, and auto-populates the user’s first and last name.

Finally, we’ve addressed a bug affecting user permissions.  We have tightened user permissions to ensure you have the right permissions within your home Network and another company’s Network.  If, for example, you are a Manager in your company Network but a Team Member in another Network, the platform ensures you have the appropriate permissions in each Network, so you have access to the correct information in each Network.

HelpDesk and FAQ’s

The Phundex Platform includes an online HelpDesk, with handy tips, videos, FAQ’s and details about each of our Pathways.  This month we have completed a detailed review of the HelpDesk material to enhance user searching and make it easier to find the information you are looking for.  The HelpDesk includes all resource material from our website and a chat feature to request more bespoke information.

“Phundex is the platform for faster, more efficient financial management, getting you to market sooner”.

“Prioritizing steps and repeating transactions without missing out steps can be extremely labour intensive,” observes Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a former lawyer and banker who has worked extensively in the banking and finance industry.  “Phundex enables efficient prioritization and the ability to replicate steps and transactions, simplifying the process and providing transparency and better governance”.

Phundex Latest Release Announced | Financial IT

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