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Promoting Innovation and Technology at Tech Fair

Posted: Tuesday 28 October 2014

Jersey’s Tech Fair is the biggest of its kind in the Channel Islands, organised by Digital Jersey and the British Computer Society (BCS).  The…

Jersey’s Tech Fair is the biggest of its kind in the Channel Islands, organised by Digital Jersey and the British Computer Society (BCS).

 The fair will take place on Saturday 8th November at the Pomme d’Or Hotel from 10am – 4pm. The aim of the fair is to inspire and educate the young and old. The day will be a celebration of all things digital, with an emphasis on opportunities, to get hands-on with some of the technologies that are being developed and used in Jersey. Admission is free for everyone.

During the day, visitors can attend a number of workshops run by local businesses and community groups, to learn about a variety of topics, including Introduction to Web Design, Introduction to Python language and courses for Silver Surfers.

Attendees can hear from speakers and discuss technology specific topics including, ‘The Internet of Things’, the ‘Maker Community’, 3D Printing, Drones, Digital Parenting, Social Media and Bitcoin. There will also be exhibitions featuring areas of interest, such as Face Recognition, Gaming, Augmented Illusions, a Hackathon showcase, Leap Motion and new methods of learning. Attendees will be able to meet exhibitors, exchange experiences, debate ideas and reflect on essential challenges and the expected impact of digital network technologies in our society.

Carla Harris, Director at Digital Jersey commented:

“It is a great opportunity to educate and inspire the community in an interactive, fun and informative way. Technology is part of our everyday lives and for some, a tool used on a regular basis or a skill that comes naturally. For others it is feared or unknown territory. We hope that this event will appeal to everyone”.                                                                 

Ronnie Isherwood, Chairman at BCS Jersey added: 

“The Jersey Tech Fair will provide people with access to some of the more interesting work and new technology in use in the island at the moment. It is also a great opportunity for students and parents thinking about technology careers and courses, to engage with local technologists at an informal event. For technologists and innovators, it is an opportunity to come together and share their ideas and interests.”


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