Salesforce Spring '21 Release Highlights

Posted: 09/03/2021

Packed full of new features and enhancements, Dan Williams talks us through his highlights from the latest Salesforce Spring ’21 release.

Sitting at the very core of Salesforce are the updates they introduce four times a year. Each round of updates comes with genuine innovation. With so many updates, we wouldn’t be able to do justice by listing all of them. So I’ve listed some of my favourite new features. You can hear more about some of these at our recent Comnexa LIVE event as well. Watch the full event here.

As always, get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these release updates with us. Whether you’re brand new to Salesforce and at a point of discovering just how powerful this could be to your business, or if you’re an organisation with a developed history using Salesforce – we always enjoy finding new ways for businesses to find, win, and keep even more customers than ever before.

Salesforce Meetings
Revolutionising meeting preparation, Salesforce Meetings really allows your client-facing teams to stay focussed on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Powered by Einstein AI technology, the Meeting Digest screen offers an individual overview of all relevant upcoming meetings, and the stakeholders you might be coming across within the coming day, week, or month. Also providing an overview of key tasks and opportunities to help you stay ahead of the game.

Meeting Studio takes this one step further as a tool for customers, partners, and prospects to engage effectively with resources relating to their meetings with your business. Providing them insight into attendees, as well as any relevant documents or other resources associated with your discussion. We can’t wait to see our own customers find creative uses for this new feature.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring
Opportunity Scoring, powered by Einstein AI, was previously available for customers with at least 200 closed opportunities. This latest Salesforce release brings the power of AI and machine learning to even more organisations. Smaller customers, or those who are recent adopters of Salesforce with fewer opportunities in the bank, can now benefit from a new global scoring model. This means Salesforce can help anyone prioritise the opportunities that are more likely to win, meaning you can win even more new business than ever before.

Easier Record Sharing
The latest release allows users to easily share individual records with the people that need them the most. Previously, only users with appropriate administrative privileges could define groups of users who can access particular categories of data. Or users might have had to switch into Salesforce Classic to share individual records with additional users. This functionality is now available right within the Lightning interface. Ideal for ad-hoc project or client delivery teams working on high-profile accounts for set periods of time, for example.

Flow & Automation Updates
One of the cornerstones of Salesforce is its ability to drive efficiency within your business through powerful automation. You can streamline many of your resource intensive operations thanks to powerful and easy to configure automations and task flows. With a number of automation and trigger based configuration options, Salesforce are bringing many of these capabilities into their Flow functionality. There are plenty of technical enhancements packed into this release. Making life even easier for Salesforce users at every level. Our key takeaway on the enhancements to Salesforce Flows, is the welcome addition of tools to enable self-built flows. When there are errors within certain workflows, Salesforce now provides more textual information than ever before to help you identify and fix the root cause of your error.

We’re hoping this gives more of our customers added confidence in their ability to build and maintain their own catalogue of Flows.

Pardot & Marketing Cloud Updates
Engage in an even more interactive way with your customers in this latest Spring ’21 release. Salesforce have made it even easier for marketers to create very interactive and engaging email content right within their platform. Bringing in a new standard for email development known as AMP, marketers can include highly personalised and engaging email assets as part of a frictionless experience. Use cases include interactive carousels to present hero product or messaging, or real-time feedback mechanisms such as NPS surveys and opt-in or opt-out modules.

WhatsApp for Business is now being introduced into Marketing Cloud. Offering an additional channel for brands to meet their customers, and offer digital experiences with minimal customer disruption. You could provide customer support, order updates, or onboarding information to customers within their own familiar WhatsApp environment. Once set-up, you can include WhatsApp as an additional channel within journey builder.

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