Scaling up with Grindstone

Posted: 19/04/2023


At Digital Jersey, we see a world where a wealth of untapped talent lies within our local community, just waiting to be unleashed to respond to the biggest challenges facing society.

It’s all part of a revolution in the way we approach problem-solving, using cutting-edge technology and out-of-the-box thinking to create real solutions for everyone who calls Jersey home, in all corners of our personal and working lives.

Our mission is to accelerate the island’s digital future, champion the digital sector and ignite sustainable economic growth – and we’re already doing that in multiple ways.

In 2022 alone, Digital Jersey introduced over 20 businesses to investors and connected 30 people with seasoned digital entrepreneurs.

And earlier this year, in collaboration with JT, PwC, Natwest International and TEKEX, Digital Jersey launched the Tech Start-up Bootcamp, a 12-week accelerator programme that is currently providing budding digital entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop, launch and scale a tech business.

But we’re not stopping there.

As a hub of innovation, Jersey offers unique opportunities like, thanks to our collaborative tech ecosystem, lightning-fast connectivity, business-friendly environment, established transport links and easy access to investor, professional and ancillary expertise.

For the digital natives, moonshot takers, possibility makers, digital enablers, and tech curious, it’s clear that Jersey is a second home.

Chris Knight, Digital Jersey

“Part of our job at Digital Jersey is to connect our island community of coders, creators and inventors and give them a platform to flourish, so that as an island we are ready to embrace a digital future together. It’s important, because we want to provide pathways for emerging tech talent and demonstrate to the world that we are leaders in the field.”

That’s why we are now partnering with Grindstone, an accelerator with a formidable international reputation aimed at start-ups that have established their business model and proven their viability.

It’s the perfect follow-on from our Tech Start-up Bootcamp.

Through ‘Grindstone Jersey’, and with the support of a number of like-minded visionary local businesses, we’ll provide training, mentorship and support for start-ups looking to scale, build their networks and accelerate their growth.

Catherine Young, Grindstone XL 

“We’ve worked with some outstanding start-ups around the world and given them the coaching and tools they need to succeed. Jersey has a fantastic ecosystem for digital start-ups and we’re now excited to bring our expertise and connections to the table here, to help take Jersey’s future digital stars to the next level.”

A cohort of ten innovation-driven scale-ups will be handpicked for their revolutionary ideas over the coming months – applications will be opening shortly, and we’ll be looking for local and global innovators in any sector… founders with big ideas, backed by results.

They will then have an opportunity over the second half of the year to capitalise on Grindstone’s renowned growth engineering programme, while also tapping into Digital Jersey’s thriving innovation hub and vibrant tech ecosystem.

We’re in very capable hands – founded in 2013 and defined as a ‘growth engineer’, Grindstone is designed for founders who want to take their businesses to the next level. It focuses on assisting high-growth innovation-driven companies to scale their businesses, and it has a strong track record, having delivered acceleration programmes in over nine countries to date, spanning Europe, Africa and Asia.

Their expertise, reach and networks have enabled countless start-ups to become growth-focused, investible, and exit-ready, with Grindstone cohorts having seen on average a 52% rise in revenue on average throughout the programmes – with many having managed to raise significant follow-on capital.

The programme will run from July – December 2023, with residency weeks delivered by the Grindstone team in July and December, complemented by in-depth virtual mentoring and coaching. Overall, it will give participants a rare chance to gain invaluable insights from experts in their field, refine their business models, accelerate their success and take their businesses to new heights.

This hugely exciting initiative is the latest strand of our activity to create a highly charged and motivating environment in Jersey that fosters collaboration, experimentation, and disruptive thinking.

And it brings us another step closer to cementing the island’s reputation as an international digital centre of excellence, and enabling a truly connected, digital society, harnessing technology to transform our island economy.

We are currently looking for sponsorship partners to support the Grindstone programme. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor please fill out the form below.

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