Tech Start-up Bootcamp Launched for Jersey Entrepreneurs

Posted: 16/11/2022

Digital entrepreneurs can now apply for a Tech Start-up Bootcamp being launched in Jersey to provide the best possible opportunity to explore and develop digital business ideas. The Tech Bootcamp will cover all elements of starting a digital business, from nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset, to assembling a strong team, building a prototype, marketing, pitching, and fundraising. Digital Jersey has launched the initiative in collaboration with JT, PwC and TEKEX.

The Bootcamp will run for 12 weeks, starting in January 2023. Five tech founders/businesses will be recruited. They will be given a personal mentor, tailored to their idea or business and have access to a variety of experts. Bootcamp attendees will have full access to desk space, meeting rooms and all facilities at the Digital Jersey Hub including accessing Sandbox opportunities to test their products. Working in collaboration with PwC, JT & TEKEX, the programme is aiming to provide digital entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop, launch and scale a tech business idea without financial limitations.

Digital Jersey CEO Tony Moretta said: ‘There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to harness the fast-moving technological environment and to solve problems and create opportunities for Jersey’s economy and society. The Bootcamp is aimed at providing targeted support to give fledgling tech businesses the best possible chance of success.’

Marcus Irwin, Head of Innovation at JT said, ‘’We’re really looking forward to being part of this Bootcamp, working with startups who want to grow to the next level. There is a thriving community of digital start-ups in Jersey, all benefitting from cutting edge technology, built around a culture of innovation and agility, something new businesses can greatly benefit from.’’

David O’Brien, Director at PwC said, “PwC is immensely proud to be part of this initiative supporting Jersey entrepreneurs. This builds on the great foundations of Digital Jersey and provides a real opportunity for developing the next generation of technology and digitally enabled businesses; once again highlighting the tech talent and entrepreneurial culture Jersey has.”

Ed Prow, Tekex Founder said, “It has always been a belief of TEKEX that the tech community would benefit from such an initiative and it is great to finally see this bootcamp come to fruition and with such an effective and collaborative team behind it.”

Digital entrepreneurs interested in being considered for the Tech Start-up Bootcamp can apply here.

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