TechWeek: Snap chat with Graham Hughes

Posted: 30/10/2020

The Chief Executive of Sure, Jersey, answers our questions in Digital Jersey’s TechWeek.

Interview with Rosie Allsopp from Channel Eye Media, our TechWeek Media Partner.

Tell us about yourself:

“Technology has underpinned and provided the backdrop to my entire career. Having trained initially as an avionics technician in the Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy), I then worked at Reuters for 17 years supporting trading and transactional systems for the finance industry before moving to Sure. I’ve always enjoyed the hands-on element of my work and whilst now somewhat detached from the front-line I still have that screwdriver ready in my top drawer if required!

“So, from planes to finance trading rooms to telecoms it’s been an exciting and interesting journey.”

How did you end up in your current role?

“I joined Sure as its first employee in Jersey in 2004. I started initially as its commercial director to oversee the setting up and launch of the business following the award of its telecommunications licence, and was subsequently appointed chief executive in 2008. Since then the business has grown to 70 employees.”

Can you give a brief overview of what you are doing at TechWeek?

“I will be highlighting how myself, the team at Sure and the telecommunications sector more broadly, dealt with the challenges Covid presented. Not only through the technology angle but also the way we embraced the challenge and the benefits it has bought to a new way of thinking that will last well after the pandemic is over. Myself and the panel will also be looking specifically at how the telecoms infrastructure in Jersey has helped the island bounce back from lockdown.”

What innovation in your industry do you think has been a game-changer and why?

“The uptake in cloud technology I believe is bringing tremendous benefits to all users, both consumers and businesses alike. Who would have envisaged, even 10 years ago, that such a concept would have reached such magnitude and use today? Especially considering the scale of use the service has had during recent months as we saw many, if not all, businesses operate from home.”

How do you think the Channel Islands can become a ‘player’ in the field of fintech/medtech/AI?

“I think we are doing a tremendous amount in this space already. It’s a credit to how both the digital and finance communities have come together in recognising the scale of opportunity. I’m particularly excited about the UN Smart Cities initiative and see this as something that will not only benefit islanders and the decision-making process within government, but will also provide the opportunity to develop and market services to export off island.”

What do you do in your downtime?

“Having been involved in technology all my life I try and step back from it controlling my life 24/7 – it’s great to use and provides many  opportunities for increased productivity, but sometimes you need some time away from the screen.”

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