Spring IM - Jersey's first digital investing platform

Posted: 05/12/2022

The Summit is delighted to have partnered with Spring IM to launch Jersey’s first fully digital, fully regulated investment platform.

The Spring IM platform was architected and built by The Summit, using cutting-edge technology to offer the island’s first fully digital investment solution, the first digital platform of its type to be regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. The Spring IM digital platform onboards customers swiftly and effectively, matches them with a strategy that meets their investment goals and offers real-time reporting through an online client portal.

The Summit’s founder and managing director, Ben Symonds said: “Spring IM saw the opportunity to take an end-to-end fintech approach from day one and with The Summit as their sole technology partner, we made it happen.”

“The Summit innovatively leveraged a wide array of amazing technologies, seamlessly integrating to achieve huge benefits of great end user experience, automation, scalability and efficiencies for Spring IM. To us, this realisation from a client’s ambitious vision to now a real world, fully functioning cloud platform is what proves our ability to deliver in these kinds of partnerships, and something that we pride ourselves on achieving.”

Simon O’Donoghue, Spring IM CEO said: “Understanding client requirements is vital when developing fintech solutions. We identified very early on that the new generation of investors do things differently, using technology to manage their assets far beyond that of their predecessors. To capture this market, Spring IM with The Summit built an entirely digital application and onboarding process, enabling both private and corporate to go through the risk profiling questionnaire and client due diligence process without leaving the digital journey.”

“The Spring IM portal also offers a state-of-the-art reporting suite with daily interactive reporting. From here the client has access to a wealth of information such as performance across all their portfolios and all underlying assets, transactions, fees and asset and regional exposure, all available on a daily basis.”

The key principles behind the Spring IM platform are to offer increased control, confidence and convenience for international customers to manage their investments in a digital environment. The goal was to open up investing to the wider population and educate all investors, including those with existing portfolios, in the new technology-led methods of investing. Spring IM’s purpose-built platform is continually evolving to be adaptive over reactive and provide a fully encompassing framework for every aspect of the business.

Architecting and building a digital platform that would raise the bar for investing and give investors greater control and visibility while offering time-saving benefits in customer operations required The Summit’s skilled team of digital experts to carefully design and implement leading Microsoft-based technologies, and ensure that enhanced data security, full automation and slick navigation were built in from day one.

For The Summit team this involved acting as a technology partner from the early stages, architecting, planning, building and delivering a completely cloud-based end-to-end solution for Spring IM and its customers to help them reach their full potential and futureproof the Spring IM platform as it evolves to offer even more benefits to its customers.

Ben Symonds said: “We continue to be a key part of the journey as shareholders and technology partners, so are continuously thinking about the future, how we can evolve, scale and develop for Spring IM and its customers. For us, this was a great chance to innovate without any boundaries or baggage, meaning we could really flex our full potential and innovation, leading to some amazing ideas and end results.”

About The Summit

The Summit is a leader in optimising business performance with cutting-edge data technologies, fueling the constant innovation needed for the digital revolution by bringing together expert knowledge and understanding with best-in-class tools and processes. Strategists and technologists, The Summit delivers actionable intelligence to help businesses navigate the next chapter, where digital sophistication is key. To find out how The Summit can take your business to new heights, visit www.thesummit.je

About Spring IM

Spring IM is the first offshore investment manager to offer a fully digital solution to every investor. With Spring IM, investing is a fully digital experience from the outset, with customers guided through a secure online form, an assessment of risk tolerance and investment objectives and digital collection and verification of KYC information. Customers can invest as little as £1000, and once fully onboarded and invested, have access to real-time reporting through the secure client portal. To find out more about Jersey’s first regulated digital platform, visit www.spring-im.com.

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