Trailblazing homegrown start-up gets Google support through Digital Jersey

Posted: 11/03/2024

Jersey-based digital business Daysium has become the first local organisation to secure access to the innovative ‘Google for Start-Ups Program’ to help maintain its growth trajectory, thanks to ongoing support from Digital Jersey.

Digital Jersey has provided a broad range of support to Daysium over the past year, including introducing CEO Tim Huelin to the Google Cloud team, who are regular visitors to Jersey and deliver sessions as part of Digital Jersey’s Tech Start-Up Bootcamp initiative.

In addition, Digital Jersey has introduced Daysium to various stakeholders and potential investors and provided workspace at its Hub and DJX facilities.

Daysium is an online platform and smartphone app that helps High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and financial services executives remain compliant with complex international tax and residency rules, by digitally counting their days and tracking their international travel. It allows HNWIs to plan, log and evidence their travel, creating a body of digitally-backed evidence that can stand up to scrutiny from global tax authorities.

By taking part in the Google program, Daysium stands to benefit from extensive and unique support from digital start-up experts around the world through the Google network, including mentoring, coaching, training and workshops.

Tony Moretta, CEO, Digital Jersey, said:
“Getting access to the Google for Start Ups Program is extremely competitive, and Daysium’s success in securing access to it is a fantastic win, both for it as a business but also for our island more widely. Not only does it demonstrate that Jersey is producing homegrown start-ups that are worthy of this sort of global and highly sought after support, but Daysium’s success also has the potential to add weight to Jersey’s high value residency strategy and reputation as a centre for wealth management.

“We have built up a strong relationship with the Google team over several years, and providing support and connecting people in this way is absolutely what Digital Jersey does best. I’m delighted that we have been able to play a part in accelerating Daysium’s growth journey so far.”

Tim Huelin, CEO, Daysium, added:
“Our journey has been a rapid one, having set up as a company last year and gone live early this year. That sort of pace is no accident; it’s thanks to the considerable support we’ve received from Digital Jersey to develop Daysium so far. With tax authorities continuing to apply more and more stringent rules around international residency, we believe we have a really valuable and unique business that sits right in the sweet spot in terms of Jersey’s reputation as a digital hub and as a centre for high quality professional and financial services. We’re excited now to take our plans to the next level with the guidance and backing of Google’s program.”

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