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Posted: 09/07/2018

Transformative Leadership – I Will Know It When I See It – Steve Malme

“I have been blessed to have the opportunity to see a lot of things via meetings with customers, partners and business leaders. Across all these experiences, I am usually underwhelmed when someone calls out unique capabilities or differentiated business requirements. It’s rare that I see truly unique and disruptive teams & performance, which makes it compelling when I find examples that are worthy of comment.

In this critical time, when everyone is trying to figure out what Digital Transformation really means and how to become a market disrupter (vs disruptee), I thought it would be helpful to share some stories to highlight companies who are getting it right.

As soon as I saw these companies and their leaders, I knew it. They are the Transformers! They serve as great examples of transformation and disruption, while continually delivering both revenue growth and profit. Let me introduce Prosperity 24/7…”

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Reproduced with kind permission of Steve Malme following recent meetings in Dubrovnik with Chris Clark, Prosperity 24/7 CEO as part of the eXtreme 365 Executive Exchange.

Steven C. Malme is CEO at Transformative Pte Ltd. Transformative provides solutions and services to industry leading companies by combining new technology, new business models and digital business processes. Malme previously worked for Microsoft where he led Corporate Accounts and Partner Sales in Asia, driving sales performance and an optimal customer experience. He held this same leadership position in EMEA, driving double-digit revenue growth and launching the cloud transformation across our sales team and partner channel. Microsoft offered him the opportunity to work in a number of senior leadership roles including global responsibility for health care industry sales, Dynamics partners and SMS&P midmarket sales.

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