TSG & G4S form strategic partnership in response to Covid-19 pandemic

Posted: 17/08/2020

Digital expertise and data storage options combine to assist businesses working from home in a new partnership between two companies.

TSG and G4S have formed a strategic partnership to deliver a range of technology-led services to their clients to address ongoing governance requirements following the Covid-19 crisis. The partnership is in direct response to requests received from clients to be able to access documents remotely during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the many operational challenges caused by the pandemic, businesses need to allow staff access to physical documents and files whilst undertaking their business as usual activities. By combining the G4S Archive & Data Storage Solutions and TSG’s Document and Data Management expertise, clients are now able to manage their ongoing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) needs along with providing easy to use, cost effective solutions.

GRC is a crucial element for businesses to manage across the Channel Islands. The combined services offered by both businesses are GDPR ‘ready,’ providing businesses with the options they need whilst working with physical documents during the ‘new’ normal.

‘Scan on Request’ and ‘Offsite back-scanning’ services have been setup in a purpose built ‘Covid ready’ scanning bureau to minimise the risk of Covid cross contamination.

To meet the need for remote document access, documents are available via several formats: a secure online portal providing credential-based access; electronic copies of the documents transferred via secured encrypted media; a secure API interface enabling the digital transfer of data to any in-house document management solution.

Andy Delaney Chief Executive of TSG said: ‘This partnership is an exciting opportunity and deepening of a relationship between our two businesses that has spanned many years. We both have clear strategic goals to grow and this will be made possible by developing joined-up services that enable our clients to benefit from best of breed and compliant solutions.’

Simon Haywood of G4S added: ‘We have enjoyed working with TSG for more than 9 years. Our combined, complementary specialities will provide our valued clients with enhanced options for secure electronic information storage and retrieval and we are looking forward to delivering these solutions together.’

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