'Understanding Sustainable Finance' course receives CPD Certification, equipping financial practitioners for the future of sustainable finance

Posted: 23/11/2023

CPD recognition for the leading online course that enables fluency in ESG and sustainable finance for all levels of financial organisations.

The finance industry is undergoing a seismic shift, with sustainability at its core. Recognising the urgent need for financial professionals to be equipped with the latest knowledge and insights, the ‘Understanding Sustainable Finance’ course, offered by Equilibrium Futures, has been granted full CPD certification by the UK’s CPD Certification body. This endorsement further solidifies the course’s position as a leading educational solution that covers all sectors of finance, from banking to investment and trust administration.

Joe Moynihan, CEO of Jersey Finance, commented on the course, stating, “We recognise the importance of building knowledge, understanding, and upskilling our workforce across the whole Island’s ecosystem with regards to sustainable finance. Offering high-quality CPD training courses such as this to finance firms in Jersey brings our industry closer to achieving this goal.”

The course was created in response to a stocktake of the Island’s finance industry for the UN FC4S (Finance Centres for Sustainability) body, of which Jersey Finance Ltd is a member. A top recommendation in the subsequent review by FC4S of Jersey as an International Finance Centre was that the Island needed a training and education programme to upskill its financial ecosystem to meet increasing international standards on sustainable finance. Local industry agreed and Equilibrium, a Jersey-based consultancy led by international ESG expert and Vice Chair of the Taskforce for Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) Andrew Mitchell, picked up the challenge and developed the course.

Jersey is acting as a leader here, as this is the first course designed for International Finance Centres, across all sectors of finance and at an appropriate entry level price. Enquiries are already coming in from many jurisdictions outside Jersey.

Andrew Mitchell emphasised the course’s significance. “As the world economy faces up to the triple crisis of climate, nature and landscape degradation, a transition towards a more sustainable finance system is becoming a significant priority for the finance industry and their clients. This course enables individuals at every level of an organisation to understand how to get started internally, lead meaningful conversations around sustainable finance with clients, and to future-proof the business against impending regulation. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about understanding why we need to do this, and how to lead with purpose as the financial world seizes the opportunity of creating a climate and nature positive economy.”

The eight modules of Equilibrium Futures’ ‘Understanding Sustainable Finance’ online training course have been designed to meet the unique needs of international finance centres and offer a comprehensive blueprint for navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable finance. From understanding the core principles of sustainable finance to exploring global drivers and future trends, the course provides a holistic view of the industry’s transformation.

Paul Douglas, Managing Director of Accuro, shared his experience, “We are proud to be one of the leading sponsors and to be signed up for this course, which takes what is an ever-evolving and complex subject and makes it practical and meaningful in a way that is captivating and enjoyable.”

Key benefits of the course include:

  • Strategic Insights: Dive deep into the current risks, opportunities, and future trends in sustainable finance.
  • Regulatory Alignment: Stay updated on global disclosure frameworks and regulations impacting the finance sector.
  • Thought Leadership: Engage in meaningful conversations with clients, investment managers, and stakeholders based on cutting-edge ESG knowledge.
  • Brand Reputation: Enhance client engagement, family office investments, and ESG strategy to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Community and Network: Connect with professionals committed to sustainable and responsible financial practices.

The course’s CPD certification is a clear indicator of its quality, relevance, and value to financial professionals, delivering over five hours of online CPD-certified professional development in sustainable finance. With a cost of £296 per seat, ‘Understanding Sustainable Finance’ is not just another course; it is an investment in the future, ensuring enhanced decision-making, compliance readiness, and strengthened stakeholder relations.

As the finance industry stands at the crossroads of change, ‘Understanding Sustainable Finance’ offers the tools, insights, and knowledge to lead the way. An in-person demonstration of the course can be arranged by following this link: https://calendly.com/equilibriumfutures

To take the next step in your professional journey, stay ahead of the curve and lead with purpose by enrolling in the ‘Understanding Sustainable Finance’ course today, visit: https://training.equilibriumfutures.com/

About Equilibrium Futures:
Equilibrium Futures is a leading provider of sustainable finance consultancy and education, founded by world-renowned expert Andrew Mitchell. With a focus on practical, impactful, and engaging content, Equilibrium Futures is committed to equipping financial professionals for the future of finance.

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