Video production company launches in Channel Islands

Posted: 16/11/2022

A new video production company, Reel Creative, has launched in the Channel Islands who will work with businesses to create content that helps them stand out online.

Through quality video production, Reel Creative can help organisations with content marketing, launching products and services, or need to communicate with their team at scale.

Reel Creative are based in Jersey, where they have invested in a fully kitted out video and audio production studio; a versatile space with multiple set design options and customisation for creating podcasts, live streams and bespoke commercials.

The company is founded by Phil Slatter, a filmmaker with 20 years’ experience including broadcast production at ITV, and the Head of Video at Freedom Media where he worked on multiple national award-winning campaigns.

On starting the new company, Phil said: “It was the right time to launch something new. By focusing on video production rather than offering a full suite of marketing services, we can deliver on what we do best: creating quality video content that engages audiences and has impact.”

He added: “There is no doubt that video is one of the most powerful communication tools of today. It’s easy for anyone to create a video on their smartphone, so most businesses recognise the need for high-quality content to help them stand out. We help them do that.”

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