What it’s Like Being a Continuum Intern

Posted: 05/09/2022

, shares his experience of working with the Continuum team this Summer.

, was Continuum’s second summer intern, who has recently left to continue his studies. He’s decided to share his experience of working with the team and what REALLY happens behind closed doors…

As my first stint with the Continuum team comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on this amazing opportunity.

During the first week was a period of self-paced learning with an amazing support team. This was incredible as it allowed me to gain experience and complete all my Alteryx Certifications, Micro, Core and Advanced.

Our team entered the Project Hack, and I took on the task of using Alteryx to prepare, cleanse, and join our provided data. After this, our team used an AI platform called Data Robot to find actionable insights into our challenge data.

Using Alteryx and Power BI the Continuum team has developed a dashboard for our CRM to present issues with our client and lead data. Using this I have fixed hundreds of issues massively improving our data quality.

The team pushed me out of my comfort zone as I tried my hand at updating our website.

This opportunity has been truly amazing and showed the broad range of skills that are required to be a data consultant within Continuum. Throughout my six weeks, they have helped me develop these skills and have invested the time in me to succeed.

If you are finishing or halfway through university, and have an interest in data consulting then I can’t recommend taking a look at Continuum’s opportunities enough. They can be found here!

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