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Posted: 04/10/2018

If you were to grab someone from King Street, force a microphone into their now nervously trembling hand and demand a statement on how glorious Jersey is, it’d probably end up sounding something like this:

‘We live on a stunning island bursting with opportunity and beauty. A place where inspiration can be found around every corner, a truly wonderful island with so much to discover and explore… please, can I return to work now? ’

While many would agree that Jersey does offer this, there’s a pretty large group that would strongly argue it doesn’t.

People too often forget everything that Jersey offers, especially when it comes to its social scene. For such a small island, there’s always something going on— and before I can even finish writing this sentence, I can already hear the the twenty and thirty-somethings muttering and smashing the ‘dislike button’ with their passive aggressive thumbs, claiming ‘there isn’t any fun stuff to do’.

Yes, I am one of those twenty-somethings.

The thing is, Jersey does offer this but it doesn’t scream and shout about it like a proud Father after his 7yr old son’s smashed in a 5 yard screamer at his school football tournament – and seriously, it should.

However, this is all about to change thanks to the innovative mind of Bino Rodrigues and his new company Out & About (O&A).

Bino is a man with fantastic hair, who’s decided he’s had enough of Jersey’s social life hiding under a rock at Plemont with no signal and extreme anxiety refusing to come out and play when islanders cry out for it the most.

So, he and O&A have taken Jersey’s hand, walked it back up from Plemont, slapped it in the face and screamed “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, YOU’RE FUN, SHOW THE PEOPLE OF JERSEY WHAT YOU CAN OFFER THEM”.

And, it’s working.

Getting back on track, O&A was created out of a desire to encourage and show islanders and tourists alike what Jersey has to offer.

So, What is Out & About?

Well, it’s a website dedicated to creating a hub for people to visit and think “yeah, that looks awesome, I want to do that today”, instead of sitting on your sofa watching the 50th rerun of Love Island, ironically moaning that you want to be living on a hot island having fun – psst, it’s
literally outside.

O&A offers people a place to find all this and more. From supplying easy online access to festival tickets and social events, to offering wicked restaurant deals and family fun. O&A is set to be the only genuine website you need to find out what’s going on within our little firecracker of an island.

Here are the key benefits that businesses will experience once they sign up to our website:

● Out & About is a platform that allows businesses to create their own unique offers, which are then promoted online via social networks.
● Businesses can upload their offers and promotions on our website in seconds, via mobile, tablet or phone.
● No third party help required (although O&A are always on-hand to help!).
● Businesses can be proactive – for example, timing their promotion/deal for the weekend.
● Our simple, easy to use dashboard allows businesses to see how their deals are performing.
● We offer demographic insights which make targeting specific audiences easier.
● All payment history and promotion details are made easy.

And now, a few words from Bino himself:
“This website has been created to help myself and others find and discover new, fun things to do in Jersey. Jersey isn’t boring, despite what many people say. It’s a beautiful island with untapped opportunity, and my motto is always for the locals to live like a tourist, and for tourists to live like the locals.”

Because he’s such a nice guy, Bino also stated that not only does the website help people find fun things to do, it also puts businesses on the map. Festivals, restaurants, bars, food outlets and other establishments will finally have somewhere to scream and shout about how awesome
they are and what wicked deals they’re offering. No longer will they have to drive around the island with a megaphone bellowing “2-4-1 deals!” at horrified tourists enjoying their ice-creams.

This is a project built with passion, guts and a genuine desire to help engage and invite islanders and tourists alike to dig a little deeper into Jersey… because there’s diamonds to be found (not literally I don’t think, that’s not my area).

It’s a simple concept, but one that has the potential to bring islanders closer together and show them there’s more to Jersey if they just get out and about! … get it?

Fabulous stuff.

– O&A

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