Why we must simplify complex processes

Posted: 27/10/2020

Are your legacy processes stopping you from adapting to your client’s needs? With their needs and requirements changing rapidly.

Are your legacy processes stopping you from adapting to your client’s needs? With their needs and requirements changing rapidly, and the need to provide an efficient and frictionless experience across multiple channels, now is the time to simplify your processes to reduce complexity and provide a better overall experience for both staff and your clients.

As businesses grow, processes also grow in complexity, this results in increase steps, tasks and resources needed. The problem is, the more a process grows in complexity, the greater the chance for errors, rework, and the length of time to complete the task. It is not easy to train new staff or indeed clients when we have complex processes in place, we need to streamline and simplify.

What is process simplification?

Process simplification means to develop processes that are easy to understand, learn and use, we can do this by either starting a new process from the beginning or by transforming an existing complex process, by making processes simpler, we make them more efficient and effective, we are also aiming for them to be more fun to use. This will then lead to high levels of productivity and user satisfaction is increased, we also reduce costs.

Process simplification can be said to be a type of design technique, it takes a complex process for instance, and splits it up into more simple tasks, each task can then be reviewed to detect and remove wasteful actions.

Here are some examples of process simplification:

* Reduce steps in a procedure that allows a user to complete it much quicker.

* Use guides to show a user through a procedure leading to less failures and user frustration.

* Simplify a function so that it is easier for users to find what they need.

* Make a process transparent, making it easier for beginners to use.

How can we achieve process simplification?

Firstly, when we talk about simplification, we are really talking about reducing the amount of something, with the goal of being productive, efficient, and effective, whilst at the same time delivering great value to our clients. Here you will find a few ideas for process simplification:

*Automate processes that are repetitive by removing it from a slow human and assign it to a fast robot.

* Create an integration interface between multiple systems so they speak with each other, this will reduce the data exchange risk and remove the manual element.

* Standardise on processes that are identical and recurring, just replicate them when needed.

* Outsourcing – If you do not have the skills in-house, decide early to outsource, it will reduce time and overall costs.

In the current economic climate and with the rise of home working, we all need to rethink our business and operating models as well as outsourcing arrangements, financial services especially need to simplify KYC and claims procedures as their clients are looking for simple processes that are transparent and trustworthy.

TSG helps businesses to modernise their capabilities, create great client experiences, reduce costs, and secure future growth through process simplification, automation, and outsourcing, get in touch with me at; [email protected] to hear how we can help.

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