Women in Tech Advocate Promoted to Senior Management Role at C5 Alliance

Posted: 10/07/2018

Technology solutions provider C5 Alliance has promoted Anna Milon from Senior Consultant to Head of Process and Platforms.

The new role involves understanding clients’ requirements in relation to the processes they need to undertake and managing the team that develops the solution for those processes by using the most appropriate software platform.

Anna has worked at C5 for four years and is an expert in Microsoft CRM and Sharepoint platforms as well as being an active advocate for women working in the technology industry.

As part of C5’s continued support for education and encouraging Islanders that the IT industry is an attractive career option, Anna has visited Beaulieu College in Jersey and The Ladies College and St Sampson’s High in Guernsey to talk to students making GCSE and A Level choices. She is passionate about educating young women making career choices and inspiring them to consider the technology industry.

Anna Milon, Head of Process and Platforms, commented:
“Statistics show that the percentage of women in technology has stayed static or declined over the last 20 years but I do think that is changing. It is important for women to have strong role models in IT. I have always been interested in science and technology and there are plenty of young women at school studying maths and science, yet there are so few women software developers. I try to inspire them by showing them how applications can be used in their everyday life. For example coding ideas for apps and websites that they can use to track their cat or statistically analyse their dreams.”

Rob Leader, Group Managing Director at C5, commented:
“Anna’s own career trajectory is testimony in itself to women succeeding in technology. She is an excellent role model and we are proud of the work she is doing to inspire more interest from women in our industry.”

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